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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie defends his controversial comments urging to reopen economy: “I said that some Americans will make that sacrifice no matter what we do, and now we have to decide how we’re going to balance this.”

Supreme Court Overturns Convictions of Senior Aides to Former New Jersey Gov Chris Christie

In exclusive interviews with the USA TODAY NETWORK New Jersey, former Gov. Chris Christie reflected on his desire to regain his national voice.

Supreme Court Overturns Convictions of Senior Aides to Former NJ Gov Chris Christie

Convictions against former NJ Gov Chris Christie's associates have been tossed. Two were convicted of fraud charges in "Bridgegate" in 2013 when lanes of the GWB were closed to create a traffic jam in Fort Lee--supposedly in response to the Fort Lee mayor not endorsing Christie.

Two close aides to former Gov. Chris Christie were accused of closing lanes on the George Washington Bridge.

The Supreme Court threw out the criminal convictions of two associates of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie involved in the ‘Bridgegate’ scandal, in a ruling that places new limits on the political acts that can be prosecuted

The court said there was evidence of “wrongdoing” by two associates of Chris Christie, the former New Jersey governor, but no federal crime.

CBS2 #BRIDGEGATE ' EXCLUSIVE: Watch Bridget Kelly speak out after the U.S. Supreme Court threw out conviction along with Bill Baroni, both aides to former Gov. Chris Christie: #cbsnewyork 

The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously threw out the 2016 “Bridgegate” convictions of 2 associates of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie


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Congratulations to former Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, and all others involved, on a complete and total exoneration (with a 9-0 vote by the U.S. Supreme Court) on the Obama DOJ Scam referred to as “Bridgegate.” The Democrats....

BREAKING: Supreme Court throws out convictions of two former allies of ex-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie involved in “Bridgegate” scandal.

THIS JUST IN: CBS News has learned former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is being considered to replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

"I think the Mueller investigation is not the President's biggest problem... the Southern District of New York investigation has always been *much more dangerous* -- and has much more hazard to it -- than... Mueller." Chris Christie, a former fed prosecutor, to

Chris Christie, former NJ governor and former Trump campaign adviser, says the Southern District of New York's inquiry into President Trump's inaugural committee is a "much more problematic thing" than that of the special counsel.

A source close to the WH says former NJ gov Chris Christie is also under consideration for Chief of Staff. The source said Christie is considered a "strong option" a this point, adding Trump wants "a functioning White House."

CNN’s Jim reports that former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is considered a “strong option” for White House chief of staff and that a source describes President Trump’s mood as “super pissed” after Nick Ayers turned down his offer for the job.

Former NJ Governor Chris Christie is under consideration to become Attorney General, replacing Sessions, according to a source familiar. Matt Whitaker is currently acting Attorney General.

BREAKING: 2 former allies of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie convicted in plot to use traffic jams for political retaliation.