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New CBSA numbers: of 425,500 people who arrived in Canada by air March 21-May 24, 295,703 were citizens or permanent residents. Around 26,000 of the rest are temporary agricultural workers. But that still leaves more than 100,000 foreigners entering Canada during a pandemic.

One of the dividing lines btw “emerging” and “frontier” markets is whether their governments can borrow in own currency. May still be borrowing from foreigners even in own currency. Creates vulnerability. But even worse when in FX.

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Trump + Bolsonaro found common cause in downplaying #COVID19  threat, urging their countries to "reopen." Now, in blow to Bolsonaro, Trump to ban foreigners who've been in Brazil in last 2 wks, as its daily death toll tops US's. More: via @ABCPolitics 

Greece entered lockdown early, and is exiting it faster than most. Its islands have reopened to tourists... locals for now, and foreigners in the coming months. Our report from Sikinos and Milos, with @KallergisK  @XVanpevenaege 

Foreigners living in China raised questions about the ongoing "two sessions" and now Chinese lawmakers have replied to them. Check out what they have to say. #twosessions 

6-YEAR-OLD and 3 foreigners among 62 newly registered COVID-19 cases in Kenya as 2,293 samples analyzed in past 24 hrs. #COVID19KE 

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Haven't arrested anyone in case against Tablighi Jamaat members, Delhi Police tells HC It was hearing a petition filed by 20 of the 916 foreigners who said the continued detention violates the very fabric of liberty READ:

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Nizamuddin Markaz: The police have filed 20 charge sheets against the foreigners belonging to 20 different countries

Charge sheets against 83 foreigners in Delhi over #TablighiJamaat  event

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This is what languages sound like to foreigners! 🤯 Thanks to:

Foreigners good morning good afternoon good night yall too~ I like the time when the sky is dark and blue.. like 5am!

The Tabligh mess would not have happened If foreigners were banned coming early (around Feb 1) and also Indians returning/coming to India were compulsory quarantined for 14 days kept in acquired hotels near the airport this mess would not have arisen. Why was this ban delayed ?

Say What? China is banning the entry of foreigners into their country. Let that marinate for a moment. I wonder what the media narrative will be tomorrow? How will they twist this to make Trump and America look bad?

How often in the Bible the Lord asks us to welcome migrants and foreigners, reminding us that we too are foreigners!

United States of America get ready for a rude awakening American politicians and American businesses have sold us out to foreigners,for decades But like Sam Cooke said “A CHANGE IS GONNA COME” Go get em Donald.

Because not a lot of son’s of politicians get $50,000 a month from foreigners to consult on energy policy with no prior energy experience. Also investors (China) don’t give people with 0 investment experience $1,500,000,000... unless you’re buying them!

"You must not mistreat or oppress foreigners in any way. Remember, you yourselves were once foreigners in the land of Egypt.” Exodus — 22:21 Happy Easter, Mr. President!

Would never condone using a phone whilst driving, but to suggest it's only foreigners is just so horribly wrong.

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Every foreign leader attacking Pres Trump over leaving Paris Accord -further proof the deal was one sided and better for foreigners than US