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Ford is the only U.S. automaker to have survived the Great Depression, both world wars and the 2008 financial crisis without having to sell to a foreign buyer or file for bankruptcy. But now, the company is struggling to stay relevant.

Andrew Scheer spent all summer running away from Ford'>Doug Ford. Now he’s running from his past, writes @EmmaRoseTeitel  . If he won't apologize for his statements about #LGBT  Canadians — and keeps avoiding pride events — we can only assume he has not “evolved.”

•1600 miles driven ☕️ •Boys off to college 🧡⚡️ •One Ford Flex rented for the adventure. •No less than 10 comments about it looking like a hearse. 🤔🤣 •Parents passing out now. •Cat has the right idea and doesn’t appear to have moved. ❤️⭐️❤️

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REVIEW: We drive the new Fiesta ST Performance Edition to find out if Ford has made one of the best hot hatches even better…>>

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Trump is welcome to relocate GM, Ford and other automakers back to the US – Global Times#China  #UnitedStates  #TradeWar  #RiskAversion 

Rock band @billytalentband  distancing themselves from Ford government after a photo posted by minister Lisa MacLeod "misrepresents" a meeting they had #ONpoli 

Trump is welcome to relocate GM, Ford and other automakers back to the US – Global Times -

Bonnie and Clyde's connection to Conroe involves famed Ford they drove 2 weeks before death

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Ford and Farrell return at 10 and 12, where they were the brains behind England’s grand-slam triumph in 2016 and the winning streak after Eddie Jones took charge. @AlexMLowe  previews today's clash between England and Ireland.


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Ford'>Henry Ford would be very disappointed if he saw his modern-day descendants wanting to build a much more expensive car, that is far less safe and doesn’t work as well, because execs don’t want to fight California regulators. Car companies should know....

The Legendary Henry Ford and Alfred P. Sloan, the Founders of Ford Motor Company and General Motors, are “rolling over” at the weakness of current car company executives willing to spend more money on a car that is not as safe or good, and cost $3,000 more to consumers. Crazy!

Just got a call from my friend Bill Ford, Chairman of Ford, who advised me that he will be keeping the Lincoln plant in Kentucky - no Mexico

This tweet is for Dr. Ford. You put yourself through so much and I want you to know it wasn’t in vain. You started a movement and we’ll see it through. If they won’t listen to our voices, then they’ll listen to our vote.

Thank you, Dr. Ford, for your courage. Your testimony did not change the outcome — these GOP Senators were not interested in the truth — but it did change the country. You have inspired millions of Americans, women and men. We will not forget your bravery. Or their cowardice.

Moments ago I walked out of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Kavanaugh. This hearing is a sham and Dr. Ford and the American people deserve better.

Dr. Ford has passed a polygraph test and given the Committee the results. Judge Kavanaugh has not. She has called for outside witnesses to testify. Judge Kavanaugh has not. She called for an FBI investigation. Judge Kavanaugh has not.

Dr. Ford is not on trial. She is sitting here because she has the courage to come forward and because it was her “civic duty.” I believe her.

I got the polygraph test Dr. Ford took showing truthfulness about her account in the record. To quote a judge: “law enforcement agencies use polygraphs to test the credibility of witnesses” & the tests “serve law enforcement purposes.” That judge was Brett Kavanaugh in 2016 case.

Lying to the FBI is a crime. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford wants to talk to the FBI. Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t want to talk to the FBI. Kavanaugh’s friend & witness Mark Judge doesn’t want to talk to the FBI. They all know lying to the FBI is a crime.