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Storytime is over, folks. West Coast, tune into the festive fun at 9:30pm!

So @facebook  has decided to ban my new book. They say it violates their community standards. If you could help us out by encouraging folks to get the book at Amazon: #BookBanning  #ToddStarnesShow 

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Hey @jack , can you create a “close friends” feature set like Instagram has? This would allow us to see our top 50 friends first, and share content with ONLY those 50 folks (like being private for just a small group of folks). Thanks for considering pal!

Visual folks: Winnipeg Free Press @WinnipegNews  is hiring a FT STAFF photographer (who will shoot & edit a lot of video). HIGHLY recommend applying. You will have opportunities beyond expectations. And you can make it what you want. #journalismjobs 

Here we go folks a real slobber knocker here #WWETLC  Roman Vs Corbin

It’s the holidays, and if you’re flying this month, my suggestion is to think of the folks on your next flight who work hard and never get enough thanks.

Weekly warning to the folks who’ve just started following me. I appreciated all of you dearly, so I need to warn you... 8ish till 10ish, I’m tweeting #90DayFiance 

Those folks who had the “under” on the Falcons-49ers game were so close. Don’t worry, that type of thing only happens every day in sports gambling. You’re sure to win next time.


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Hey US media folks, here, I would argue immodestly, is how you interview a Trump supporter on Trump's lies:

Happy Halloween Eve! It’s time for another year of my all-time favourite festivity, Tokyo’s mundane Halloween costume party, where folks dress up as an utterly normal and boring thing Here are my favourite costumes from the 2019 event this past weekend

Allow me to reiterate: There is NO WAY Obama could have 1) had an affair with a porn star 2) while Michelle was pregnant! 3) paid her $130k to keep it on the low 4) and STILL have religious folks defending him! There would have been a mob at the WH demanding for his removal!!!

To all the trans folks currently serving in the military thank you for your service. I am sorry your "commander in chief" doesn't value it.

I want Proof, the Muthafukker demanding folks stand for the Anthem actually knows the words to the Anthem!!

Congress voted 517-5 to impose sanctions on Russia. The President decides to ignore that law. Folks that is a constitutional crisis. There should be outrage in every corner of this country.

Happy new year folks!! Thankyou for your continuous support and love. Love, four Australian dudes

All these folks worried about erasing history when the Confederate statues come down will be thrilled to learn about the existence of books.

Lot of folks who have never cared about Dr. Who before are suddenly very concerned. Maybe we should announce that climate change is a woman.

Just got off a call to thank folks who are working hard to help more Americans across the country sign up for health coverage. But it's up to all of us to help spread the word: Sign up through this Friday at .