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🛑 HIGH rip current risk for northwest Florida beaches thru Monday, which means the surf is dangerous for *ALL LEVELS* of swimmers. ⚠️ MODERATE rip current risk for coastal Alabama beaches thru Monday. 🌊 Be #BeachSmart , Y'all. Local Beach Forecast:

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Would you approve of LGBTQ history being taught in Florida schools?

FIREFIGHTER DENIED CANCER BENEFITS: A Florida firefighter was denied newly-enacted cancer benefits because, officials say, he was diagnosed 6 months too early.

Missing child alert: #Florida  boy, 4, may be with 55-year-old man, police say | Details:

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Florida man arrested for dumping dirt on girlfriend with tractor

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Coast Guard scours Florida coast in search for missing firefighters:

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Brian Kelly discussed Notre Dame's tough road schedule but did not mention the season opener. Florida's shrinking freshman class. College football notebook.

Authorities say a Florida man has been arrested and accused of threatening a mass shooting in text messages.​

Florida man jailed, accused of threatening mass shooting

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This is Adam Fannin of the Stedfast Baptist Church in Florida and he is going to get me killed.

I think with a lot of high hopes crashing for Democratic voters in places like Florida and with Beto, there is maybe a drastic underappreciation of how Democratic control of the House will change the course of this country. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very big deal.

....of which was squandered away or wasted, never to be seen again. This is more than twice the amount given to Texas & Florida combined. I know the people of Puerto Rico well, and they are great. But much of their leadership is corrupt, & robbing the U.S. Government blind!

I will be announcing my Second Term Presidential Run with First Lady Melania, Vice President Mike Pence, and Second Lady Karen Pence on June 18th in Orlando, Florida, at the 20,000 seat Amway Center. Join us for this Historic Rally! Tickets:

"They say that tougher gun laws do not decrease gun violence. We call BS!" Florida high school shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez calls on President Trump and lawmakers to tighten gun restrictions in impassioned speech at an anti-gun rally in Fort Lauderdale

As soon as Democrats sent their best Election stealing lawyer, Marc Elias, to Broward County they miraculously started finding Democrat votes. Don’t worry, Florida - I am sending much better lawyers to expose the FRAUD!

The Carribean, Mexico, Texas and Florida have taken some awful hits in the last few weeks! We must all do what we can to help!

XXXTentacion has been pronounced dead at the age of 20 years old after being shot in Deerfield Beach, Florida

Law Enforcement is looking into another big corruption scandal having to do with Election Fraud in #Broward  and Palm Beach. Florida voted for Rick Scott!

You mean they are just now finding votes in Florida and Georgia – but the Election was on Tuesday? Let’s blame the Russians and demand an immediate apology from President Putin!