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SG Tushar Mehta representing CBI on SLP filed against Delhi HC order observations that there isn't allegation of flight risk against P Chidambaram while denying him bail in INXMedia case,said“We are witnessing an era where persons who are guilty of financial offences are fleeing"

Bond was denied for Green, who was cited as currently being out on bond for an unrelated weapons charge and as a possible flight risk.

Caretaker of 3-year-old Keyes twins denied bond, considered flight risk

#NewsAlert – Supreme Court starts hearing P Chidambaram's bail plea and turns down a request by the CBI to adjourn it for tomorrow. Kapil Sibal commences arguments for Chidambaram and says Chidambaram isn't a flight risk. | #ChidambaramInJail 

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The #CBI  had earlier argued that Chidambaram was a highly influential person with the ability to tamper with evidence and was also a flight risk.

Prosecution arguing that Robert Olsen should be sentenced immediately. “He is now a convicted felon. He is a flight risk who is facing 35 years in prison. The family has been waiting a very long time. To wait any longer does not seem appropriate.” #11Alive 

Defense argues Olsen is not a flight risk, poses no danger and should be allowed to go free on bond Says prosecutors should be blamed for delay in the case, none from Olsen. #OlsenTrial 

The defense says Robert Olsen is not a flight risk, he’s not a danger, he should be allowed to be remain free on bond. #11Alive 

Prosecutors say Olsen should be treated as any other person convicted inside that courthouse. They believe he's a flight risk and say his accountability should begin today. #OlsenTrial 

Judge had dismissed jury, to now consider arguments on when to hold sentencing. Prosecutors want it done now, saying people have put their lives on hold for this case. They want Olsen in custody now. Defense says Olsen with a wife, young child is not a flight risk#OlsenTrial 


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Just had a very good call with @SwedishPM  Stefan Löfven who assured me that American citizen A$AP Rocky will be treated fairly. Likewise, I assured him that A$AP was not a flight risk and offered to personally vouch for his bail, or an alternative....

So far, Boston has been undeterred in pursuing Davis -- despite his agent insisting AD would be a 2020 flight risk in free agency. For Boston, Davis could still be its best case to keep Kyrie Irving. Story soon on

BREAKING: Judge denies bail for Jeffrey Epstein; cites risk of flight and danger to community - @jonathan4ny 

Unions representing air traffic controllers, pilots, and flight attendants release joint statement on shutdown: "We cannot even calculate the level of risk currently at play, nor predict the point at which the entire system will break. It is unprecedented"

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I will be flying today, thinking of how many people work so hard to make commercial flight a remarkably safe enterprise. And how many of those people are being asked to now work without pay. It is a disgrace and it's putting the system at unnecessary risk.

BREAKING / NBC News: Judge in the case of Mariia Butina says that she will continued to be held without bail due to the serious flight risk she poses. Also, the judge has imposed a gag order on the case effective immediately & chastised Butina's defense. Mike Kosnar reporting.

True - but Obama's AG Holder DID request that a judge authorize authorities to examine 's emails & his phone records-designating Rosen a "criminal co-conspirator & a flight risk," b/c of stories he published on NK containing sensitive info

JUST IN: US district court judge orders that accused Russian spy Maria Butina remain jailed without bail, citing flight risk, and chastises Butina’s defense counsel over public comments, and imposes a gag order on the case effective immediately.

More hardball from Mueller team: in new docs, they call Manafort a flight risk w history of deception, 3 passports & an alias used 4 travel

JetBlue boots family from flight after deeming birthday cake a 'security risk'

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