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China's soybean imports from the US plunged to zero in November, marking the first time since the trade war between the world's two largest economies started that China, the world's largest soybean buyer, has imported no U.S. supplies.
Merkel and Macron mark the end of the First World War One one hundred years ago with a solemn ceremony in Compiegne. Trump decided not to go to a ceremony at a US cemetery near Paris because the weather is a bit rainy
Today, we tell the story of an incredible HERO who defended our nation in World War Two – First Lieutenant Garlin Murl Conner. Although he died 20 years ago, today he takes his rightful place in the Eternal Chronicle of American Valor...
"For the first time since the Second World War we have a domestic, proscribed terrorist group. It's right-wing, it's neo-Nazi, it's proudly white supremacist."

The Met's former counter-terrorism chief says Britain hasn't "woken up" to the extreme right-wing #newsnight
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This year we mark 100 years of the end of the First World War. We remember with pride, the Indian soldiers who fought valiantly in the war.
Today, as we mark one hundred years since the end of the horrific First World War, we reiterate our commitment towards world peace and pledge to work to further an atmosphere of harmony and brotherhood so that the trail of death and destruction caused by wars does not occur.
This November, we mark hundred years since the end of World War-1. Let us always pursue the path of peace, harmony and brotherhood.

Let us also remember the brave Indian soldiers who fought in the First World War, guided by a firm commitment to peace.
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I have had the honour of paying tributes at the Neuve-Chapelle Memorial in France and at the memorial in Israel's Haifa, places associated with India's role in the First World War.

When PM came to India, we paid tributes at the Teen Murti-Haifa Chowk.
President Trump and the First Lady visited France for the 2017 Bastille Day Celebration, which included American veterans of the Normandy Invasion.

This year, the visit coincides with Armistice Day, marking 100 years since the truce that ended fighting in World War I.
In memory of the Liverpool FC players who served in the First World War.

#ThankYou100 #LestWeForget
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