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This woman is the First Amendment in human form.
President Trump is waging a concerted campaign to undermine the First Amendment:

Calling the press “the enemy of the people”

Whipping up crowds against them

Trying to punish CNN by blocking a merger

Pressing the postal service to punish the owner of the Washington Post
Dear @NFL players,

Please #TakeAKnee on Sunday.

We support your FIRST Amendment right to protest.

This rarely happens so I thought it was worth documenting.. Gentleman stops me at the hotel where the press are staging covering POTUS- asks if I’m part of the press corp.
I say yes— he replies

“Thank you for your service, the First Amendment is so important right now.” #1A
The TSA has repeatedly questioned a Muslim journalist about her religion and her opinion writing criticizing government policies.

That raises serious First Amendment concerns. We’re demanding answers from DHS.
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Liberals love the first amendment until you say something they don't agree with.
The last person to rule America who didn’t believe in the First Amendment was King George III.
The US Constitution grants freedom of speech in its First Amendment, but does not protect you from ridicule for being wrong.
Don’t tell me this is about protecting the Second Amendment when you won’t stand up for the First Amendment.
BREAKING: Federal judge says President Donald Trump cannot block his critics on Twitter without violating the First Amendment.
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