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Dear @NFL players,

Please #TakeAKnee on Sunday.

We support your FIRST Amendment right to protest.

Don’t tell me this is about protecting the Second Amendment when you won’t stand up for the First Amendment.
Reminder: Students don't have to stand for the national anthem. The First Amendment protects the right to protest in public schools, including the gridiron.
At what point are we going to silence media critical of the President? When we cease to have a First Amendment and a democratic government.
The US Constitution grants freedom of speech in its First Amendment, but does not protect you from ridicule for being wrong.
Liberals love the first amendment until you say something they don't agree with.
If we went nuts & repealed the Second Amendment, the Left’s next target would be the First Amendment—repealing freedom of speech & religion
.@JudgeJeanine: "All of a sudden football players are lovers of the Constitution and the First Amendment — you're full of crap."
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Political boycotts are protected by the First Amendment, and the government cannot condition benefits on people giving up their rights
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