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I am shocked by this horrific and cruel attack in Finsbury Park, which is being treated as an act of terror.
We strongly condemn the Finsbury Park terror attack. In these difficult weeks for London & the UK, know you’ll always have Canada’s support.
I'm totally shocked at the incident at Finsbury Park tonight.
One person arrested and "a number of casualties" as a vehicle hits pedestrians in Finsbury Park, London, police say
Appalling terrorist attack against Muslims worshipping peacefully in Finsbury Park. We must all stand together against such evil.
My local tube worker Finsbury Park
Our thoughts are with all of those affected by the attack in Finsbury Park last night
.@EmilyThornberry, @DavidLammy and I spoke with Finsbury Park Mosque's congregation about how we'll get through this difficult time together
Several people were injured in north London after a van hit people as they were leaving Finsbury Park mosque.
So sad to hear about another terror attack in Finsbury Park! 😔
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