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.@EmilyThornberry, @DavidLammy and I spoke with Finsbury Park Mosque's congregation about how we'll get through this difficult time together
Several people were injured in north London after a van hit people as they were leaving Finsbury Park mosque.
BREAKING: Van was driven into crowd of people leaving Finsbury Park mosque in London, at least three killed.
Finsbury Park attack:

- Van ploughs into worshippers near London mosque
- 'Potential terrorist attack'
- 1 arrest:
BREAKING: Muslim Council says van that struck pedestrians in London ran over worshippers leaving Finsbury Park mosque.
BREAKING: London police commander says attack near Finsbury Park Mosque was clearly an attack on Muslims.
Mohammed Kozbar, Chairman of Finsbury Park Mosque, with faith and community leaders. Together, our community will get through this tragedy.
Finsbury Park Mosque attack is exactly the reaction extremists on both sides want. Tommy Robinson and Anjem Choudry have a lot in common.
"He just came into all of us. There were bodies around me."

Eyewitness accounts from Finsbury Park mosque attack:
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