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Lisa Bryant, the director of 'Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich' answers questions about some of the revelations in the documentary series.

Jeffrey Epstein cheated socialite friends, threatened to kill enemies: 'Filthy Rich' author

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I got some serious face time on the new Epstein documentary "Filthy Rich" and now thanks to the power of social media, so has my wonderful office at Fox Biz

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“Filthy Rich is dirty business to be sure and it might get there in the end. But thanks to @_whitneywebb  we we know that it’s not enough to follow the sex - or the money. It’s clear #JeffreyEpsteinFilthyRich  was working FOR the people who got him off the hook. Then murdered him.

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Kylie Jenner's Net Worth Just Dropped by a LOT, But Hey, She's Still Filthy Rich

Watched the Netflix documentary on Jeffrey Epstein "Filthy Rich" - it pulls everything together really well and has new revelations about Prince Andrew. Learned a lot about the case I didn't know before, and the people involved.

The victims of the mysterious convicted sex offender are able to share their stories in "Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich," an unsettling four-part docu-series from Netflix. @grahamorama 's review:

In the new docuseries “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich,” one of the late pedophile’s sex-trafficking victims alleges she had dinner with Bill Clinton on Epstein’s private island


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#TheRiotClub. Spread the word. Filthy Rich. Spoilt. Rotten. #Posh 

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The captured Orangutan who obeyed the rules of a Circus and got filthy rich from it.

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Hard not to notice all the shots of filthy rich, almost exclusively white coaches, GMs, and team presidents, drafting almost exclusively African-American players who have been forced to work for free for 3 years in order to get a shot to be chosen.

Dear celebrities, You know what is better than (poorly) singing a dumb song we all cringe at? Reach into your massive bank accounts & support the regular Americans & their economy that made you filthy rich. Shut up and put your money where your mouth is

America wake up, politicians don’t make the kind of money that makes you filthy rich after 20 years in Congress foreign governments, special interest groups,anybody smart enough to circumvent existing law and rich enough to hire influential lobbyists can buy a politician.

Things Hunter Biden has admitted to: - Smoking crack - Alcoholism - Cocaine - Trading in the family name/ @JoeBiden ⁩’s VP office to get filthy rich - Impregnating a woman, abandoning her & his child (lawsuit pending) Yet Dems/media still defend him

#AmericaFirst - @HeyTammyBruce : Biden gets filthy rich doing public service while implementing policies that destroy other peoples’ lives. @EdRollins : Joe always pretended to be blue-collar. I don’t know what he can say to make anybody want to pay $200,000 a speech. #MAGA  #Dobbs 

It takes deep courage to go to Davos and tell the masters-of-the-universe *to their faces* that they knowingly torched the planet in order get filthy rich. did that. She's 15.

Within Minutes some Filthy Rich have become Poor. Money under mattresses++ is mere paper.Times of Gunny Bags and Suitcases gone..! Jai Hind