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"Some people move on. But not us." Watch the brand new Marvel Studios' #AvengersEndgame spot that aired during the Big Game. See the film in theaters April 26.
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The #Incredibles2 trailer is here. See the film in theatres June 15, 2018.
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#BREAKING: Legendary Comic-Book Writer, Publisher and Film Producer Stan Lee Has Died. R.I.P.
In light of the current situation the team of Total Dhamaal has decided to not release the film in Pakistan.
I can’t believe we just won Best Original Music @BAFTA ‘s . I wish so much I was there but am at the Grammy’s to show them our love as well. We made a film about music. This means the world to me. Thank u to all our fans we love u so much, we wouldn’t be here without u #BAFTAs
Why when u film your dog does he always stop being funny
What better way to celebrate achievements in film than to not publicly honor the people’s who’s job it is to literally film things.
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