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My first recording session with @leeunkrich  and @AdrianTheMolina  was in NYC, I was working in @ChicagoMusical  and Lee showed me the first animations for the film, it was amazing! #cocowatchparty 

Player film session today. Biggest take aways. Too many travels. Poor shooting %’s, b/c of low shot quality. Heavy on the dribble & light on the pass. 💡Solutions: Forget the fancy moves & focus on pivoting. Take the open shot. Head up & give it up to the open man.

When you're trying to get better at something, it is important to establish concrete benchmarks for improvement. For example: Did anyone tape a "Daddy, I hate you" sign to the wall today, like they did yesterday? If so: might be a tough film session. If not: progress!

Together, we can slow the spread of #COVID19 , while also staying creative. To make sure we #StayHomeStayCreative , @USAinKSA  is sponsoring a training session about the art of film make-up and special effects with the artist @Majee1405  on his Instagram account today at 10:30 p.m.

Our latest bitesize learning session is based around the fire service during WW2. Aimed at 7-11 year olds, it's a great intro to the #VEDay75  celebrations. Watch the film here: #MuseumFromHome 

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It is clear how much Joe Hortiz loves the Ravens' 2020 draft class. The Ravens' director of player personnel held a virtual film session on Tuesday with the local Baltimore media.

Check out our LIVE Film Room session today at 3pm ET in the B/R App and live here on @BleacherReport  on Twitter.

Tune in to @Variety_Film  on IG Today at 10AM/PTI’m stopping by for a Q&A session. Login! #TamarBraxton  #Variety 

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Kagemusha is such a brilliant film. Can be used to discuss #Leadership . I would love to do a cinema-themed session on leadership


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Warriors and Sixers paid tribute to 24 last night in Philly. Film Session || 💜

After stunning players in a film session with a verbal suggestion that they were no longer playing “like a bunch of thugs,” Cavaliers coach John Beilein reached out individually to players tonight to insist he meant to use the word “slugs.” Story on ESPN:

After stunning Cavs players in a film session with a verbal suggestion that they were no longer playing “like a bunch of thugs,” coach John Beilein later reached out to players individually to insist he meant to use the word “slugs.” (via @WojVerticalNBA )

“An incredible combination of talent and character and commitment to each other.” One more Film Session, presented by @nest 

The squad rallied together to grab the dub on the road & get back to Oracle one more time. Another look in today’s Film Session, presented by @nest 

"We've proven our resiliency and our ability to win games that we need to and kind of answer the bell." Today's Film Session, presented by @nest 

“You know, Draymond just did what Draymond does. He hits big shots.” Another look at last night’s win in the latest Film Session ?

Rondo said he told LeBron on the plane the other day that he’s “never seen” 12 guys on one team all watching film. Added that LeBron had the attention of the entire group a few days ago during a film session. Said it’s an encouraging sign.

going to a casting session for my next short film! trying to find an 8 year old Shane! haha I can't wait to ruin a childhood.

The Warriors may have some flashbacks during today’s film session… ?

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