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Help. Can you send me names of POC critics you read—books, film, TV, theater, etc? I'll start w/ @parul_sehgal , @Wesley_Morris , @Deggans  @vcunningham , @CraigSJ , @BilgeEbiri , @JustinCChang , @SorayaMcDonald ...

Robert Downey Jr.'s Dolittle Gets Hilariously Skewered by Critics: The Film Is a 'Crime Scene'

It’s been 17 years since Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were bad boys and critics are saying their new film was worth the wait:

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New Robert Downey Jr film Dolittle is getting savaged by critics: 'Please make it stop'

#MotherlessBrooklyn is NOW available on Digital. Watch what critics are calling a "beautiful, powerful film" today.

The Irishman's Robert De Niro jokes 'I wasn't expecting it frankly' as film wins just one Critics' Choice award

Hollywood gathered Sunday night to celebrate the best in television and film at the 25th annual Critics' Choice Awards.

Critics Choice Awards: All the winners as the industry celebrates TV and film

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See the film critics call a "once in a generation event." Marvel Studios’ #AvengersEndgame  is NOW PLAYING in theaters. Get tickets: #DontSpoilTheEndgame 

A black nineteen year old made this. Wrote it. Shot it. Edited it. Directed it. Submitted to @Tribeca . Got in. Won its three top prizes. He’s now Gotham Award nominated. His film is a NYT Critics Pick. And its now playing in select cities via black woman owned/operated @ARRAYNow .

A critic’s Review of SHOLAY in a newspaper in 1975 : An average film.😳 name not mentioned even once.😳Is referred to as Dharam’s buddy.😳😳Nazir Hussain could have done better than Sanjeev Kumar.😳😳 Amjad Khan banished & mauled completely by the critic.😂Jai Ho.:)

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Our film critics, looking at the complex history of black filmmaking in America, chose 28 essential works. We’ll be highlighting a film from their list each day in February.

#TashkentFiles is BRILLIANT piece of Cinema. Loved it. Dramatic, investigative, fantastic performances by entire cast but @shweta_official  is stunning. The intolerant critics who refused to review the film are real losers. Bravo @vivekagnihotri . So proud. House was 70% full.👍

Tonight, see the film critics call “epic like you’ve never seen before.” Get tickets to Marvel Studios’ #AvengersEndgame  now: #DontSpoilTheEndgame 

Extra! Extra! "FAHRENHEIT 11/9" opens TODAY in theaters all across the U.S. and Canada! The critics have gone crazy for it. A record number of theaters are showing it! Trump’s IRS is auditing me for the first time ever! What else could happen?! Don’t miss this film! “Explosive!

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the response to the film is incredible! even from the critics!! Let me know what u guys think throughout the weekend. tag it with #NSN3D 

This weekend, make plans to see the film critics call "smart & heartfelt." #MockingjayPart2  Hrp7tWuLFw

Walking out to present Critics Choice Award for Best Foreign Language Film. This room is filled with the most talented people on the planet