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My happy place is __________ 🖊️ Fill in the blank! #ThisIsTheLife  #SundayThoughts 

@LedgeKing  @cmsub  "A phone call for me with the president of the United States or the president of fill-in-the-blank country ... I'm doing it all day long, " Sondland told lawmakers

Fill in the blank: 9 out of 10 US households have a can of ______, and its formula is a closely guarded secret. Clue: you don't drink it. Find out as we talk #GlobalEquities  with Scott Woods and Dave Dudding. Listen here() or via the usual pod places

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Sondland: “I’m dealing with the EU, 28 countries. a phone call with the President of the US or fill in the blank country. I’m doing this all day long. It’s part of my routine day. These calls and meetings blend together.” How on earth does he NOT take notes given that portfolio?!

Fill in the blank: “Hey bro! Wake up! There’s ____________ out there!!!!” @ Boston, Massachusetts

#Medigap plans cover __________ not paid for by Original Medicare Parts A & B. Check out this article to fill in the blank:

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Check out our #WinterForecast  : then fill in the blank: 'The best way to enjoy a classic Canadian winter is...' #TWNPoll 

Fill in the blank, and tell me why you voted the way you did: Kirby Smart’s #HBTFD  moment at the postgame press conference (in which he said “I told them (the team) ‘how bout them f***in’ #Dawgs ’”) was...

Fill in the blank: TryHardNinja is an artist that makes _____________ music. (Please answer honestly)


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Fill in the blank, blinks 🎶 #blackpink 

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In case you are under the illusion that morally pure libs neeeeeeeever tells non-white women to "go back" to some other country, here's just a small sample of my go-back-to-fill-in-the-blank messages to educate you otherwise. And this is just on Twitter. Enjoy. I do every day!

6x All-Star. World (fill in the blank) Champion. The Man. Chase Utley will retire at the end of the 2018 season after a 16-year career.

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Overheard in my office this morning, you fill in the blank: “The Government screwed up my ________________”. Go!

I am pleased to announce that our very talented (fill in the blank) will assume the duties of the more talented (fill in the blank) until they are in turned replaced by the still less talented (fill in the blank). He will be great!

Over selfie-ing is a sign of... (fill in the blank)

In the morning, when u wake up, call your Senators &members of Congress — 202-225-3121 — & say, "I'm an American. My family originally came from the shithole country of (fill in the blank). On Nov 6th, I will be bringing my shithole self & and a shitload of others to the polls."

What are the odds .... <- fill in the blank

Fill in the blank: My favorite song right now is _______________.