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If your fondest wish is that Trump dies in jail, a ruined man - as he so fiercely deserves - watch this video.
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Presenting your SEA Social Wildcard Winner -> ! 😍👏💯 Kudos to fans who voted fiercely for him! CONGRATULATIONS 🎉 #MTVEMA
Cellular Jail...this is where colonial rulers sent several nationalists and freedom fighters who fiercely resisted imperialism.

Today, I had the privilege of visiting the Cellular Jail and paying homage to those greats who toiled for us and our freedom.
Remembering Chaudhary Charan Singh Ji on his birth anniversary. We recall his noteworthy contribution to India's development, particularly in safeguarding the interests of farmers. He also fiercely resisted the Emergency and worked to strengthen our democratic fabric.
The results are in! Kingdom Hearts III edged past Resident Evil 2 to win January's fiercely competitive Players' Choice poll:
They battled fiercely all season on track... ⚔️

But off the circuit, there's ultimate respect between Lewis and Seb 🤝
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Mulvaney is “frightened” by how independent #CFPB is. Yeah, that’s the point. America’s consumers need someone fiercely on our side. Most of us don’t have fancy lawyers and lobbyists.
Three things led to the end of Jacob Zuma’s reign in South Africa:
1) Fiercely independent journalism
2) Robust civil society resistance that called government to account
3) Public servants with integrity that had the courage to stand up to corruption.
Lesson served U.S.A...
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