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"He understands us": Why his supporters are fiercely loyal to Bernie Sanders

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Way to go, Black Bears! These fiercely determined women snapped Stony Brook’s 22-game winning streak in overtime.

Great Krugman line on Trump aid to farmers to correct ruinous trade policy: it costs “taxpayers several times as much as Barack Obama’s auto bailout — a bailout Republicansfiercely denounced as “welfare” and “crony capitalism” at the time.

Not trying to be pessimistic, but if the virus breaks out in the US: 1) every community will NIMBY up and refuse to become a hub for sick people 2) shutdown measures would be fiercely resisted (close the NYC subway? Have cops barricade streets?)

🔝 #PlattsCommodityNews , Feb 24 * Interactive: Platts Periodic Table of Oil 2.0 * Weekly outlook: Asia petrochemicals * Saudi Arabia set to compete fiercely with major Asian gasoil exporters #OOTT  #COVID19 

Saudi Arabia set to compete fiercely with major Asian#gasoil  exporters with Jazan startup | * Total Saudi gasoil exports could reach 38 mil mt by end 2021 * South Korea's Q1 exports could fall to 45 mil barrels: survey

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Seeing @Portrait_Movie  (finally) reminded me how fiercely I need a sweeping epic limited series 8-hour version of @alexanderchee ’s Queen of the Night to exist. Like, right now. Is there any chance someone is already making this or wants to?

Christopher Steele’s motives - bad actor or patriot? - are fiercely debated. This is what his friend for 30yrs+, Graham Davies, told me for episode 2 of our podcast all about the dossier. (They met at uni.) Click here to listen to full story:

The 78-year-old Vermont senator successfully rallied his fiercely loyal base and tapped into support from Nevada’s large Latino community as the Democratic contest moved for the first time into a state with a significant minority population.

The Vermont senator successfully rallied his fiercely loyal base and tapped into support from Nevada’s large Latino community. #fox5atl  #YouDecide2020 


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I was thrilled to be back in the Great State of Texas tonight, where the people are known for being tough, strong, hardworking, loyal and fiercely patriotic — just like America’s incredible Farmers! #AFBF2020 

"I love America. And when you love something you protect it passionately--fiercely, even. #TimeToGetTough  (cont)

America lost a giant with the passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings, a man of principle who championed truth, justice and kindness. He fiercely loved his country and the people he served. Rest In Peace, my friend.

India salutes all those greats who fiercely and fearlessly resisted the Emergency. India’s democratic ethos successfully prevailed over an authoritarian mindset.

#Brexit cannot be allowed to imperil the Good Friday Agreement. The peace of the Good Friday Agreement is treasured by the American people and will be fiercely defended on a bicameral and bipartisan basis in the US Congress.

Iconic photo by @Delilsouleman . As the last U.S. troops pull out of Syria, an American soldier wears a YPJ emblem on his uniform as a sign of solidarity with the Kurdish ally they are leaving behind. (The YPJ is the women's unit of YPG, they fiercely fought ISIS). @akhbar 

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NOTABLE: The White House is fighting fiercely to require that McGahn testify behind closed doors ... while berating Democrats for holding closed-door hearings with other impeachment witnesses.

Presenting your SEA Social Wildcard Winner -> ! ??? Kudos to fans who voted fiercely for him! CONGRATULATIONS ? #MTVEMA 

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If your fondest wish is that Trump dies in jail, a ruined man - as he so fiercely deserves - watch this video.