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Authorities in Estonia captured the leader of a far-right terrorist group called the "Feuerkrieg Division," or ''fire war division,'' an online group with members that spread across several countries. The group was headed by a 13-year-old.

Lord of the flies: Multi-national fascist group known as Feuerkrieg Division was led by a 13-year-old from Estonia. The teenager shared bomb-making instructions and wanted to set up a terrorist training camp.

"Climo was communicating with individuals who identified with the white supremacist extremist group Feuerkrieg Division, which is an offshoot of the US-based white supremacist extremist group Atomwaffen Division."

From Daily Beast: "During the search, Climo allegedly told a law-enforcement officer that he began communicating with members of the neo-Nazi group the Feuerkrieg Division using the encrypted chat platform Discord at the end of 2017."