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@Nettaaaaaaaa  ., a prominent Ferguson protester, said she came to the WH protests bc she is hopeful that if enough people stand up, we can live in a world where black people aren’t killed by police. She added coronavirus didn’t stop her bc policing is a matter of life & death.

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After a day of peace overall in the St. Louis Metro Area, violence has broken out again in Ferguson.​

Six years ago this August, Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo. The deaths of George Floyd in Minneapolis this week and of Breonna Taylor in March are a painful reminder of just how little has changed.

Sunday evening Ferguson Mayor James Knowles added to a declaration of a state of emergency already in effect for the pandemic.​

The police chief in Ferguson, Missouri, took a knee and walked with protesters on Saturday. via @blackvoices 

From a couple of minutes ago: somebody threw something on fire at a police car. #Ferguson  #GeorgeFloyd 

Following a lengthy protest that took hundreds of marchers from Clayton to University City on Saturday, the focus shifted to Ferguson that evening, where things started out pe…​

Saturday's protests in Ferguson turned violent, leading to lots of damage to the police department there.​

Just caught a little whiff of tear gas. It stings. #Ferguson  #GeorgeFloyd 


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Seeing some commentary saying that this type of hostility toward the press is due to Trump. Police in Ferguson did this on many nights. Full camera crews and reporters targeted with arrests, tear gas, rubber bullets and on some nights threatened with lethal force. That was 2014

Ferguson trained for Khabib and still put on that crazy display last night, what a veteran!! enough respect ✊🏽

#OnThisDay in 1986, Ferguson'>Sir Alex Ferguson was appointed as the manager of #MUFC .

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On Saturday 5 May, the football world was rocked by the news that Ferguson'>Sir Alex Ferguson had undergone surgery for a brain haemorrhage. Since then, the most successful manager in English football history has battled in a way only he knows how. Today, we bring you a special message.

Ferguson'>Sir Alex Ferguson has undergone surgery today for a brain haemorrhage. The procedure has gone very well but he needs a period of intensive care to aid his recovery. His family request privacy in this matter. Everyone at Manchester United sends our very best wishes.

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Police have shot and killed at least 2,195 people since Ferguson:

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Both Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren said on Twitter Friday that Michael Brown was “murdered” by a “white” policeman in Ferguson, Mo. This is an absolute whopper and obviously does nothing to calm racial tension in this country. Yet it’s gotten almost no coverage.

Terrance Ferguson’s reaction to Westbrook’s dime ???

I personally saw Ferguson police use crushing force against protesters for much less than what the Nazis in Charlottesville are doing today.

Trump has to learn the very important truth stated by Washington AG Bob Ferguson: "No one is above the law, not even the president."