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St. Johns County deputies are investigating two auto burglaries that they said both involved Felony Lane Gang tactics.

'Felony Lane Gang' crooks may be striking in Macedonia, police issue warning after smash-and-grabs

Police say two members of the Felony Lane Gang were arrested while in the middle of a crime spree in Oakland County

For years the Felony Lane Gang has targeted women, stealing their purses and IDs. But Facebook and other social media is helping the FBI fight back.

Royal Oak police arrest members of Felony Lane Gang in middle of crime spree, officials say

The women cash the checks, often wearing wigs while sitting in the farthest drive-thru lane to avoid detection — which is where the "Felony Lane Gang" gets its name from. via @freep 


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The last member of the 'Felony Lane Gang' was taken off the streets after pleading guilty to a million dollar bank fraud conspiracy. Read More:

'Felony lane gang' suspects arrested with stolen IDs, wigs: police

The #FBI  is seeking the public's assistance in identifying members & activities related to the "Felony Lane Gang," a group of organized burglary & identity theft rings originating in South Florida and operating throughout the U.S.

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A gang of smash-and-grab burglars originating in Florida called the Felony Lane Gang have returned to Naperville:…