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@federalreserve and @FDICgov  request public comment on use and impact of CAMELS ratings:

Keep it cutting @federalreserve  because we need full un-inversion of the Treasury yield curve

Imagine if these really are precautionary rate cuts! #FederalReserve 

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What is the best action for the @federalreserve  at its next meeting?

The @federalreserve  meets on October 29-30. Please see the following poll. Is inflation currently

Should the @federalreserve  be concerned about hedging against weakness abroad and the trade war?

Should the @federalreserve  be worried about emerging asset price bubbles?

No interest in reading through their quarterlies but did JPM WFC and Blackrock thank @federalreserve  for caving ? Excited for NotQE ?

#FederalReserve said to start buying USD 60 billion in US Treasuries as of next week!

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The @federalreserve  should remove every @wellsfargo  Board member who served during this scandal. I don't know what they're waiting for.

Atlanta office of the @federalreserve  predicting 5.4% GDP in Q1 2018

Janet Yellen will be missed. Agree or disagree on tactics, she was an excellent @federalreserve  Chair by any standard.

The @federalreserve  has the legal authority to hold the @WellsFargo  Board accountable. It just needs the courage to do it.

Today I called on the @federalreserve  to remove all 12 @WellsFargo  Board members who served during the scandal.

As the @federalreserve  sets to raise interest rates this week, expect a more aggressive #fed  throughout 2017 too.

A lack of diverse leadership is hurting the @FederalReserve’s policy decision-making process.

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We've got an idea for a new $10 & $1 @federalreserve . How about the best Women's Player and Goalkeeper in the World.

The @FederalReserve  needs to fully open its books so Congress & the American people can see what has been going on -

Citigroup paid no federal income taxes for the last 5 years after receiving $2.5 trillion in financial assistance from the @FederalReserve .