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Rep. Bill Huizenga, a Zeeland Republican, said the proposed tax holiday for three months is modeled after how the federal government excludes income taxes from members of the military serving on the front lines in combat zones.

Ontario finance minister @RodPhillips01  thanks federal govt for being so receptive to Ontario’s suggestions. “Starting April 1, business won’t be charged interest on late payment of taxes. Will keep $6b in the economy.” Six month holiday for paying these taxes. #covid19 

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Uncle Sam is offering a six month holiday on paying your federal #student  #loans . Should you take it? That depends. #PSLF  @Forbes 

US @federalreserve  laying groundwork for a potential loan holiday. A bank/market/business holiday is necessary: Federal Reserve Board - Agencies provide additional information to encourage financial institutions to work with borrowers affected by COVID-19

Canada suspends federal student loan payments during COVID-19 crisis: Students will be automatically enrolled into the six-month holiday program | #cdnpoli 

RSM's @joebrusuelas : "[T]he federal government at some point will have to consider a modern version of the bank holiday imposed by the Roosevelt administration back in 1933."

Federal Reserve, debating behind closed doors, closing the markets and declaring a market holiday with unknown end-date.

Asked by @johnrobertsFox  how he will do the payroll tax cut given the enormous loss of revenue to the federal government. Kudlow pauses for a moment and says: “you know, the payroll tax holiday is a bold move. And this is a bold president.”

Remember: That payroll tax “holiday?” It’s going to slow or stop the revenue stream for federal expenditure that already is short of revenue. The shortfall will be made up by yet more borrowing.

@jasonfurman  This one of my points about why a federal payment to states that temporarily cut sales taxes is a better idea than federal income tax cuts—you can announce the period of the holiday ahead of time and it encourages getting out the money more rapidly.


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Today, it was my great honor to proclaim January 15, 2018, as Martin Luther King Jr., Federal Holiday. I encourage all Americans to observe this day with appropriate civic, community, and service activities in honor of Dr. King's life and legacy.

Election Day should be a federal holiday: 1) Only 22 states require employers to give their workers paid time-off to vote. 2) Most other democracies hold election day on the weekend or have made it a holiday. 3) It would reinforce the importance of voter participation.

Why doesn't Mitch McConnell want to make Election Day a federal holiday? Here's what would happen if every eligible voter actually voted.

If Trump shuts the federal government down, should federal employees be available to escort him to his beachfront resort in Florida for a 16-day holiday? I don’t think so!

WH: Advisers recommend that Trump veto HR 1 "For the People Act." The sweeping bill introduced by Democrats would make election day a federal holiday and crack down on efforts to prevent voters from casting ballots.

It’s time to end the corruption in our democracy. ✔️Ending dark money ✔️Protecting and Expanding the Right to Vote ✔️Making Election Day a federal holiday ✔️Eliminating Gerrymandering ✔️Ensuring Equal Representation#HR1 

Voting isn’t a “power grab”. It’s democracy, and it’s literally the entire point of our representative government. And by the way: Not only should Election Day be a federal holiday, we need automatic voter registration and universal mail voting, too.

. shut down the government over his fake vanity wall. But thousands of federal workers are paying real consequences over this holiday season. It's time to end the & get thes #TrumpShutdown  men and women back to work. #ShutdownStories 

During the holiday season, hundreds of thousands of federal workers and their families are now worrying when they'll receive their next paycheck. President Trump should honor his original agreement for a short-term funding bill to relieve their stress and reopen the government.

Since this was released on a day no one would notice it... as in a Friday during a holiday weekend..let’s make sure everyone DOES notice it as reported below: “Massive federal climate change report warns of devastating health and economic costs to the U.S.”