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The issue is not whether the child's nappy is being changed or whether it is being fed. The trauma occurs when the child is separated from its primary caregiver. There is a wealth of evidence to show what that trauma does to children.
Cam was fed up 😂😂😂

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Many reports of peaceful protests by Iranian citizens fed up with regime’s corruption & its squandering of the nation’s wealth to fund terrorism abroad. Iranian govt should respect their people’s rights, including right to express themselves. The world is watching! #IranProtests
Good morning, @realDonaldTrump. What did YOU have for breakfast today?

Immigrant kids tell CBS they go hungry in Trump camps after being fed only 'apples and water'
when you're so done and fed up with life
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From today’s Intel hearing on Russian interference:
• Russia will probably try again
• Other nations learned from their success
• Fake trolls & bots are still active
• Fed gov’t, states & industry must better work together
• Election security legislation still needed
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Russ is fed up with Zaza’s antics.

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4 months
Thoughts & prayers mean nothing when apathy & negligence cost the lives of children. It gets worse every time it seems, but how much worse does it need to get? The greed of hands being fed by the NRA seems to overpower the right for the innocent to live without fear. Disgusting.
At least 24 players kneeling this weekend at NFL stadiums that are now having a very hard time filling up. The American public is fed up with the disrespect the NFL is paying to our Country, our Flag and our National Anthem. Weak and out of control!
I am a prisoner and so is my creativity Again,I am truly sorry and I don't blame ya if ya fed up with waiting 4 me & this album. But thk u
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