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when you're so done and fed up with life
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When you've been arguing with fed-ex all week that you really are Madonna and they still won't release your package. 🙄!#bitchplease
Senior Tory MP: "We all f***ing hate her. But there is nothing we can do. She has totally f***ed us".
Women are outraged and fed up with this President. Impeachment isn't enough. Should we explore exile?
California is officially a sanctuary state. Gov. Brown has signed a bill barring state law enforcement from enforcing fed. immigration law.
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I am a prisoner and so is my creativity Again,I am truly sorry and I don't blame ya if ya fed up with waiting 4 me & this album. But thk u
Cavs fans are fed up. 😂 (via alrizvi/Instagram)
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Leftist San Juan Mayor Lies About Fed Aid: @realDonaldTrump Should Order Fed Control of Corrupt Puerto Rico #MAGA
I’m fed up with living in a country where a massacre doesn’t even make the top of the news anymore
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