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Highlight: Fed Chair Jerome Powell on when he thinks the Fed should raise rates: “In order to move rates up, I would wanna see… a significant move up in inflation that’s also persistent.” More:

Highlight: "What would you need to see to call the labor market hot?'" @bcheungz  asks. "Ultimately, to call it hot, you'd want to see heat. You'd want to see higher wages," Fed Chair Jerome Powell says.

Highlight: "We're just getting to the stage where we're looking at conclusions," Fed Chair Jerome Powell says. "I believe we will be able to reach a successful conclusion and make meaningful improvements."

Highlight: Fed Chair Jerome Powell on dot plots: "I do like to say if you focus too much on dots, you can miss the broader picture." Full comments:

Highlight: Fed Chair Jerome Powell: “Of course, if developments emerge that cause a material reassessment of our outlook, we would respond accordingly. Policy is not on a preset course.” More:

Highlight: Fed Chair Jerome Powell: “My colleagues and I decided to leave our policy rate unchanged … as always, we base our decisions on judgement of how best to achieve … maximum employment and price stability.” More:

Watch Fed Chair Jerome Powell's post-meeting press conference here: Grab some popcorn, should be a good one! $DIA $SPY $SPX $ES_F $QQQ $NQ_F

Highlight: Fed Chair Jerome Powell shares a few words about Paul Volcker: “He accomplished many things during his long and distinguished career… but what is perhaps most admirable about him… was his character.” More:

Trump bashed him mercilessly. But Fed Chair Jerome Powell did nothing but his job and may have saved the president’s butt in the process. Me and the great @vtg2 


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Fed Chair Jerome Powell is right: the opioid epidemic is a “national crisis.” That’s why @RepCummings  & I have the most ambitious legislation in Congress to put an end to it. #CAREact 

Highlight: “We haven’t seen widespread adoption [of cryptocurrencies]… really almost no one uses bitcoin for payments… it’s a store of value… like gold,” says Fed Chair Jerome Powell. “That’s not to say we won’t see it.”

3 centers of power offsetting Trump's White House: Chief Justice John Roberts, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Fed chair Jerome Powell. But will they be able to rein him in before he destroys even more of America?

Except he cannot: On eve of critical Fed meeting, Trump suggests he might remove Chair Jerome H. Powell

"The U.S. federal government is on an unsustainable fiscal path, by which is meant that debt as a percentage of GDP is growing and now growing sharply — growing quickly — faster. And that debt is unsustainable by definition," Fed Chair Jerome Powell said earlier this week.

The most stunning thing a Fed chair has ever admitted. Jerome Powell, Oct. 2012

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In her last act as Fed Chair, Janet Yellen took significant steps to hold accountable for its fake accounts scam. I asked her successor, Jerome Powell, how the Fed would ensure the bank sticks to the new rules. He seems to think his staff can handle that. I disagree.

We need a Fed Chair who will stand up to Wall Street and fight for working families. We need someone who believes in tougher rules for big banks – not weaker ones. That person is not Jerome Powell.

The Wall Street wing of the White House is winning: As Trump heads to Davos, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders lauds JP Morgan Chase from the podium, Goldman alum Gary Cohn briefs reporters and Senate readies to confirm investment banker Jerome Powell as Fed Chair.