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Speaker Pelosi in San Francisco’s Chinatown on Feb. 24: “We do want to say to people, come to Chinatown, here we are... come join us.”

Who will be the brave reporter to ask Pelosi why she was in Chinatown on Feb. 24th pushing people to get out and congregate after Trump’s travel moratorium, since the discussion is delay?

Army warned on Feb. 3 that up to 150,000 Americans could die from COVID-19

Before #COVID19  <35% of Puerto Rico central govt workers were showing up for work in Feb. This is why OBoard wont define "essential services" although Promesa requires it & numerous members of Congress asked for it directly. Promesa is a failure. #muniland 

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The strong partnership between the U.S. and the Ghana Armed Forces is at the forefront of combating COVID-19. The #GAF  is deploying one state of the art Level II Field Hospital from two that Amb. Sullivan handed over Feb 4 on behalf of the U.S. Govt.

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Trading Ideas: Is Corning attempting to get out of the Feb 21 bearish channel? 📈 FREE trade-of-week via →

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The S&P 500 is currently up 0.3% If it closes there, that would be the smallest move since Feb. 18. (it probly won't close there)

I wrote back in January about how #COVID19  was a big risk that markets were underestimating: The exact projections (500k cases by 10 Feb) were wrong, but still useful to traders/investors (the market was underestimating exponential growth + disruption)

Very striking to see White House talking about China's lack of candor now. This story about the early coverup was on the front page of the Feb'>Washington Post Feb. 1

Very striking to hear White House talking about China's lack of candor now. This story from Feb. 1 was on the front page of @washingtonpost .


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If we ever open museums again, can we put this Feb 27 Hannity screenshot in one

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WOW. Soon after he offered public assurances that the government was ready to battle coronavirus, Senate Intelligence Committee ChairmanRichard Burr sold off between $582,029 and $1.56 million of his holdings on Feb. 13 in 29 separate transactions.

My new album out Feb 14. Pre-order and get the new track with my friend ‘Get M @Kehlani ’ now

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Trump just ordered 500 million masks. It will take 18 months for them to be delivered. Which made me recall how shocked I was leaving the Administration's first congressional briefing on Coronavirus on Feb. 5. I tweeted this as I walked out.

Horowitz confirms Dossier was false, but the FBI misled the FISA court 17 times to get a warrant to spy on an American citizen. @RepMarkMeadows  and I have been saying it for years. Watch this interview with @chucktodd  from Feb. 2018.

for those keeping score, change in Dow Jones Industrial Average from the day they were inaugurated into the presidency through Feb 28 of their 4th year in office: Trump +28% Obama +63%

Next up are the Grammys on Feb. 10 with K-pop sensation BTS scheduled to make an appearance

Our next show is in australia in feb! Can't wait to get to oz ! Best place on the planet

I literally cannot believe it! It is the last day of tour ! Started in feb! It's been Great , thank you everyone of u for makin it happen!

Australia , thank you so much for having us the last few days! You guys are amazing ! See Ya in Feb ! #hometime