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1) Millions of layoffs and fears that Americans will be uninsured during the coronavirus outbreak 2) Trump has decided it’s a good time to ban folks from Obamacare markets

Tampa megachurch pastor cancels Sunday services, says he fears for congregation's safety

Portland ICU nurse fears hospitals are being dangerously stingy in an effort to preserve PPE.

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GLOBAL MARKETS-Asian stocks slip as virus fears deepen ahead of U.S. jobs data via Reuters #news  #reuters 

Camilla's ex Andrew Parker Bowles has coronavirus sparking new fears for royals

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(LEAD) S. Korea OKs aid group's plan to provide hand sanitizers to N. Korea amid coronavirus fears

Dow Jones falls over 4% after Trump warns of painful weeks ahead on coronavirus fears

Several Malaysian states call off Ramadan bazaars amid COVID-19 fears

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Facts & fears behind continuing coronavirus shutdown


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He overcame his fears and landed a 20" box jump. This is awesome ? (via @BradVinyard , @NubAbility )

This little girl who was born without eyes sings to calm her fears in the hospital

And there it is. Worst fears apparently confirmed. Every single time you told yourself it couldn’t all be down to the pound shop Machiavelli, that nobody could allow these life & death decisions to be taken on the fly, a little voice piped up to remind you who was Prime Minister.

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We already gave a bailout for corporations and big money executives. It was an unnecessary tax cut that confirmed the fears of its critics. Any bailout now must help working (and no longer working) people first and foremost.

Donald Trump’s response to Peter Alexander’s question was pathetic. He attacked a reporter for asking the president to address the fears of Americans. He responded like an angry autocrat.

What the Republicans fear most is the truth. To avoid the facts they stage confusion, undermine the Constitution and attack the person the Presidentfears most, @RepAdamSchiff . The American people want the #TruthExposed .

Killeen, Texas: A line of cars stretching for miles to attend the funeral of an Air Force Veteran with no family.. after fears he would be buried with no one attending.

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What the @HouseGOP  fears the most is the truth. Instead of discussing the facts, they choose to attack @RepAdamSchiff . To be clear: Rep. Schiff is a great patriot. America is well-served by his strategic leadership.

You seem confused, Mr. Mulvaney. When the law says the IRS “shall” provide tax returns upon the request of the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, it doesn’t mean: Unless the Presidentfears it, Tweets about it, Or his lawyer complains about it. Shall means shall.

At the ICE facility I visited, I met a woman from Mexico who has lived here for 18 years. She called 911 after her husband brutally beat her. They turned her over to immigration authorities. She now fears deportation. She has 3 kids. There should be no agency with this mission.