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From Kinetic Field, Circuit Grounds, Cosmic Meadow, art cars, being in the crowd, and to now virtual reality- EDCLV has always been one of my favorite festivals to play

Retweet/favorite this ONLY if you promise to #studyhard  and follow my instructions to a T in order to actually be able to turn your dreams into reality. I don’t care if it’s a Saturday night, you have to be totally committed to do what most are too lazy to achieve! #realtalk 

From Mindy Kaling's new heartwarming teen comedy to OG reality TV, here are our favorite TV shows to stream 📺

CHIKA @oranicuhh ) and @crissles  may love each other's birth charts, but that doesn't mean they'd trade. The two discuss their favorite zodiac signs, long distance relationships vs. reality show love, and going back in time in this episode of Would You Rather. Watch:

We’re coming to a close on #ConsensusDistributed  - 5 days, 20,000+ attendees and 300+ speakers like @giancarloCFTC  @Akon  @MichellePhan  @VitalikButerin  @cz_binance  @SDinwiddie_25  and hosts from CoinDesk TV to virtual reality. What were your favorite #BestofConsensus  moments?

With so many entertaining options, your choices for TV shows are endless 📺 From comedies to crime dramas to reality, what have you been binge watching lately? Reply with your favorite new series below! #GTogether 

Which one is your favorite; Virtual, Augmented, or Mixed Reality? Make sure you know their difference first😎 #engineering 

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Best reality TV begins now. One of my favorite nights of the year.

My cat has learned that video is more exciting than reality sometimes. He now approaches the computer (which he used to ignore) making it clear he is looking for his favorite videos, then purrs while watching, rapt.

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Find out what your favorite sexy singles from #TooHotToHandle  are up to since the Netflix reality series finished filming


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Happy birthday to the HBIC @TiffanyPollard ! Here are our favorite moments from the reality TV icon. ? ? ? ? ?

In my robe with all my favorite reality stars partying at my house. @hulu  Thank you for my dreams come true!! Yes, this is an #Ad  but. This. Actually. Happened. GAHHHHH

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Happy Birthday, #WinonaRyder ! It's hard to pick a favorite role, but we'll go with 'Heathers,' 'Reality Bites,' and #StrangerThings . What's yours?

Playing your favorite game on your favorite device is the future of gaming. ? #ProjectxCloud  brings us one step closer to making that a reality:

An Australian man recreated his girlfriend's favorite place using virtual reality, then proposed to her outside of it ?

More of your favorite characters are joining #JUMPFORCE  to protect our reality! Will you unite with Gon, Hisoka, Sanji, Sabo, Blackbeard, and Vegeta? JUMP FORCE launches on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam in 2019. Pre-order your copy today:

Wanna know ur porn name? Take the name of the street u grew up on + your greatest fear + the philosophical construct that allows you to deal with the impending reality of death + your favorite burger joint.

. Funny that you think you can call someone else a cheater… When in reality, your favorite things to cheat on are diets, wives, and elections.

A team uncovered a global black market in social identity theft. The customers? Some of your favorite reality TV stars, actors, pundits, and professional athletes.