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Merck developing two coronavirus vaccines but warns the 12 to 18-month timeframe suggested by Fauci is “very aggressive”

Fauci Says U.S. Death Toll Is Likely Higher. Other COVID-19 Stats Need Adjusting, Too

As part of the #PassTheMic  campaign, celebrities (i.e. Julia Roberts, Busy Philips) are partnering with experts, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci to spread accurate information about COVID-19 and encourage a unified global response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Should the Philippines have an Anthony Fauci-like figure explaining the science behind the government's COVID-19 policies?

Can spectator sports happen on campuses this fall? Fauci'>Anthony Fauci says maybe, “if there’s very, very little infection in a community.”

Will it be safe to reopen campuses in the fall? “I don’t think it’s going to be one size fits all,” says Fauci'>Anthony Fauci.

Dr. Fauci'>Anthony Fauci surprised Swarthmore College's class of 2020 during Sunday's virtual commencement ceremony.

From our fact-checking team: Dr. Fauci is not a previous or current member on either the Clinton Foundation or the Gates Foundation leadership boards.

Oh this is CNBC Gold: CNBC's Eisen giving grief to $MRK Chairman and CEO over his conservative timeline for a COVID vaccine, compared to $MRNA $NOVX and Fauci.

Tufts Medical Center Physician-in-Chief Dr. Deeb Salem recalls the close friendship between @NIAIDNews  Director Dr. Anthony Fauci and former Tufts MC Physician-in-Chief Dr. Sheldon Wolff. @7News  #coronavirus  #COVID19 


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CONFIRMED: The House Appropriations Committee says it sought Dr. Anthony Fauci as a witness at Wednesday’s Labor-HHS-Education Subcommittee hearing on COVID-19 response. It says an administration official informed it that the White House has blocked Dr. Fauci from testifying.

Paging Dr. Fauci: scientific evidence shows mortality rate for coronavirus approximates the annual flu for people under 60 #freeourpeople  #openeconomynow  Horowitz: One chart exposes the lie behind universal lockdowns - Conservative Review

Fauci has been studying science since college in 1957. He has been the country’s infectious-disease leader since 1984. Yet many who have “studied” this virus for 10 weeks feel it fair and righteous to call him a fraud and believe media screamers. - We need to trust scientists.

Dr. Fauci'>Anthony Fauci answers some of the most pressing questions surrounding coronavirus: How is it spread? What makes it so insidious? What are the dangers of self-medicating? Can you get re-infected?

Do not listen to 45 when he suggests untested #Hydroxychloroquine  to treat #COVID19  - listen to Fauci. Don’t listen to 45 when he says heat will kill the virus; or he won’t wear a mask; or when he calls hospital workers thieves, or refuses natl lockdown! 45 just can’t be trusted!

Trump would not let Fauci answer the question about efficacy of hydroxychloroquine.

Dr. Fauci told me today that the coronavirus could kill anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 Americans, and infect millions more. Americans. The president is tweeting about TV ratings for press conferences.

When he was in midst of the fight against HIV/AIDS, Dr. Fauci was known to run 7 miles daily. I just asked him if he still keeps to that exercise regimen. No, he says, noting that he is working 19 hour days to fight the coronavirus. He is down to 3.5 miles -- at the age of 79.

Dr. Fauci says Americans will likely need to stay home for at least several more weeks: “I cannot see that all of a sudden, next week or two weeks from now it's going to be over. I don't think there's a chance of that."

President Trump says the coronavirus is “something that we have total control over.” Completely and utterly false. The president is followed by Dr. Fauci: “the worst is yet ahead of us.”