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Fat Tuesday: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of an Epic Album Release Day

@LouisianaGov "The first confirmed case in the state of LA did so after Fat Tuesday and did so in the New Orleans area."

GRAND OPENING: Fat Tuesday, a frozen daiquiri chain, opened its newest location in the Neonopolis outdoor mall and retail space. This is the 10th location in the Las Vegas area. Check it out on the corner of 4th and Fremont. #8NN 

Biden’s wins on Super Tuesday “reduced the fat-tail risk” of Sanders on markets says @lloydblankfein . Also: Biz community, which generally favors Trump, will turn if virus spreads. Trump will “look like an incompetent manager.” (If they don't already.)

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Today is Fat Tuesday! Denver7's @MicahWJHL  breaks down what you need to know today to ensure your vote counts. Remember, polls close at 7 p.m.

Gonna be v. difficult to measure the bounce before Tuesday if it does happen... So this is an instance where you really should be a fat tailed distribution in your thinking.

From Fat Tuesday to Lean Lent: Fitness trainer offers advice for post-Mardi Gras resolutions

Parade goers park in the middle of streets on Fat Tuesday, causing gridlock

The Mardi Gras krewe "Comic Cowboys" have showcased a brand of often controversial political satire on their floats at Mobile's Fat Tuesday parade since 1884, and the parade-goers of south Alabama love it.


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Fat Tuesday celebrations at the office have taken a turn.

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Yes! Yes! Yes! 1st time in 5 years. 2000 meters in 7 mins. Or, as I like to call it, 2 song Tuesday. Strips fat .. uses every single muscle.

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Bill Cosby yells "Hey, hey, hey" mimicking Fat Albert as he leaves court Tuesday night:

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happy fat tuesday or as i like to call it, "wait, was i not supposed to be fat literally every other day?"

Good morning beautiful people.. It’s a beautiful day to trim the fat out of your life.. Don’t be scared to tighten the circle up a little bit if it needs to be. You can’t do A+ shit with D+ humans... It’s a great day to be great. New podcast at noon. ? LET’S HAVE A TUESDAY

Every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday if you believe

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It’s #AshWednesday ! It always falls right between two of my favorite holidays, Fat Tuesday and Throwback Thursday.