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#SaudiArabia Faisal'>Prince Turki Al-Faisal speaks to @_HadleyGamble  on how the oil market “binds the world together” on @CNBCi  #FirstOnCNBC 

Saudi's Prince Turki Al Faisal discusses the kingdom's new drive to attract tourists.

“The Arab world, since the Second World War, has been trying to achieve that integration and co-operation that everybody dreamed of, as a means of maintaining peace and prosperity for the people of the Arab countries ..." says says Prince Turki Al Faisal

“Without security there will be no hope. So, security is a prime concern," says Saudi's Prince Turki Al Faisal

Security a "prime concern" in the Middle East, says Saudi's Prince Turki Al FaisalKurds rally in Europe against Turkish assault on Syria#Brexit : UK still a 'long way' from a deal • UAE prepares for Russian President Putin's visit

“I don’t think we should ever be hopeless in meeting challenges, even the mother of all challenges, which is the Palestinian issue and the Israeli occupation of Arab lands,” said Saudi Arabia’s Prince Turki Al Faisal in an interview with @folo1976 

#Madinah Gov. Prince Faisal bin Salman, at a meeting of the regional council, stresses the need to improve the performance of government agencies in serving the city’s residential neighborhoods

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"The Afghan people have paid a huge price since the Soviet invasion back in 1979 ..." said Saudi Arabia’s Prince Turki Al Faisal to The National's @folo1976 . See more from the interview here

Security the 'prime concern' in Middle East, says Prince Turki Al Faisal


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@faisalislam  Faisal, JR-M couldn’t see why people will die in a No Deal Brexit & accused @djnicholl  of fear mongering. Let me help him. We’ve published a detailed analysis (after rigorous peer review) @bmj_latest  It is grossly irresponsible for any govt to ignore

#ACMilan wanted to thank the Saudi Prince and President of the General Sport Authority, Abdulaziz bin Faisal'>Turki Al-Faisal, for the great welcoming during his visit with the team and management on the morning of the #SuperCup  Final#JuveMilan  #Supercoppa 

Former Saudi Ambassador to the United States, Prince Turki bin Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud: "The killing of an innocent person is like the killing of all of humanity. This is stated in the Koran. The killing of Jamal Khashoggi is like killing all of humanity..."

#BREAKING: The SIU has identified the deceased suspect in Sunday's mass shooting on The Danforth as 29-year-old Faisal Hussain of Toronto.

BREAKING: Canadian officials identify suspect in Toronto mass shooting as Faisal Hussain of Toronto.

Welcome to Greatest Royal Rumble, Nessar, Hussein, Mansoour, and Faisal after a grueling week of WWE tryouts in Jeddah! #WWEGRR 

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My best wishes to young Faisal, for a wonderful cricketing career ahead. His diligence and dedication to the game are endearing.

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