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Oh noo the tooth fairy jus stole my tv and send shes gna take the fridge tmrrw unless i give her all my teeth
(4/5) ... Don't say Trump is violating "our American values." Abusing children IS an historic American value. Be proud, America -- Trump is us.
(In order to stop this madness we need to stop telling each other fairy tales about the past and confront the present by putting our...
@confused_fairy I'm great thanks . How are you ?
i'm a strong believer in ppl expressing themselves and being happy. fairy wings? sure, glitter around your nostrils? yep. do you and be nice
and thank you to the lovely one in the front row who gave me her fairy wings. c will not "take them off and be an adult". c likes them
Every time I hear Rihanna's new single I revert to being 5yrs old waiting for the tooth fairy to come... #bitchbetterhavemymoney
Today the only negative is that my kids have grown up…now to wait till they start believing in fairy tales again…
Today I'm a red-striking ninja book-fairy out to spread some wise women's words @the_bookfairies #IWDOurSharedShelf #IWD #adaywithoutawoman
thank you for the best 18th birthday ever taylorswift :) you are a real life fairy princess for many…
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