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The owner of a Connecticut nursing home offered staff large bonuses to move into RVs he rented and placed on site. They would quarantine with their patients. Two months later, there have been no COVID-19 infections at the facility. @hereandnow 

Suspect in beating of nursing home resident placed at facility after contracting coronavirus, father says

Suspect in beating of nursing home resident placed at facility after contracting coronavirus, father says

Leading facility services company ISS announces global partnership with IoT company Haltian to build smart facilities

#COVID19 isolation facility for PDLs or persons deprived of liberty opened in Batangas

A composer of extraordinary facility, Georg Philipp Telemann wrote around 150 trio sonatas. Sonata No. 3 in A Major stands out

At least 60 workers who have been working around the clock at the West Gate Tunnel’s concrete facility in Benalla are the latest to be laid off from the $6.7 billion project.

#NewsAlert – No longer a ‘forgotten gender’ in North-East: The only quarantine centre for transgenders. 40-bedded govt facility in Takyelpat, Manipur. Assam now set to follow Manipur’s lead. #IndiaFightsCOVID19  #TotalLockdown  #StayHome 

More than 100 workers at the Farmer John plant in Vernon have contracted the coronavirus in an outbreak plaguing the facility that produces the Dodger Dog.​

PNP starts testing its own personnel with the approval of its RT-PCR facility


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Elon Musk furloughed thousands of factory workers and ordered pay cuts. Meanwhile, he stands to take home a $700M bonus. Now, he's threatening to close his Fremontfacility and take away people’s jobs unless he’s allowed to risk their health. Billionaires aren't the answer.

Today in Syria: Russia takes control of main U.S. military facility abandoned earlier this week by American forces on Trump’s orders. This area is south of Kobani and went to Russia under the Putin-Erdogan deal. Russia now also owns the airstrip we built.

BIG NEWS! As I promised two weeks ago, the first shipment of LNG has just left the Cameron LNG Export Facility in Louisiana. Not only have thousands of JOBS been created in USA, we’re shipping freedom and opportunity abroad!

Police in Italy looked behind a shower door and found a massive illegal marijuana grow facility. (Polizia di Stato)

He’s lying. I was sent to the #COVID19  isolation ward room in a major hospital ER from a separate urgent care facility after showing UNBEARABLY PAINFUL symptoms. The hospital couldn’t test me for #coronavirus  because of CDC (Pence task force) restrictions. #TESTTESTTEST 

Got a dispatch today from someone that visited the the MDC Federal Prison in Brooklyn where there was ***no hand sanitizer or soap*** and a guard begged the visitor to send word that they are in danger if the virus hits the facility.

A group of doctors showed up at a Border Patrol detention facility to provide free flu vaccines for 100 migrant kids. The doctors said it would take a half hour. Three kids have died from the flu in federal custody. The doctors were refused entry.

The United States is learning much from the failed missile explosion in Russia. We have similar, though more advanced, technology. The Russian “Skyfall” explosion has people worried about the air around the facility, and far beyond. Not good!

Shame on you. I was 4 miles away at another facility on the same day. No one is being dishonest. These border facilities are a national disgrace, with human beings kept in conditions worse than prisons, children sleeping on floors. These facilities have become edifices to hate.

Great news from ! They are investing nearly $1 BILLION in Flat Rock, Michigan for auto production on top of a $1 BILLION investment last month in a facility outside of Chicago. Companies are pouring back into the United States - they want to be where the action is!