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Vala Afshar
monthly users 1 facebook 2b 2 youtube 15b 3 whatsapp 12b 4 messenger 12b 5 instagram 700m 6 twitter 328m
Monthly users:

1 @facebook 2B
2 @youtube 1.5B
3 @whatsapp 1.2B
4 @messenger 1.2B
5 @instagram 700M
6 @twitter 328M
facebook messenger launching bts inspired sticker set with bt21 partnership exclusive
Facebook Messenger launching BTS-inspired sticker set with BT21 partnership (exclusive)
white house shuts down phone comment line tells callers to use non existent facebook messenger account instead
White House shuts down phone comment line, tells callers to use non-existent Facebook Messenger account instead
Akshay Kumar
join the dream team say hi to me on my facebook messenger and ill message you the on monday 25th june
Join the dream team. Say hi to me on my Facebook messenger and I’ll message you the #GoldTrailer on Monday, 25th June.
Tony Rocha
socialmedia microsoft outs an entry level facebook messenger phone newsfeed
@allkpop 11 months
facebook messenger to launch bt21 sticker set
Facebook Messenger to launch BT21 sticker set
no more embarrasing wrong send moments with this new facebook messenger feature
No more embarrasing "wrong send" moments with this new Facebook Messenger feature.
it s a big day of men s quarter final action on wednesday get prepared by checking out our messenger app on fa
It's a big day of men's quarter-final action on Wednesday.

Get prepared by checking out our Messenger App on Facebook - receive alerts on their progress, access scores, video and much more:
Paul McCartney
unlock an exclusive photo from paul taken by mary mccartney during the egypt station voyage on facebook messen
Unlock an exclusive photo from Paul taken by Mary McCartney during the 'Egypt Station' voyage on Facebook Messenger HERE:
Pre-order 'Egypt Station - Explorer's Edition' HERE:
NBC News
facebook confirmed that it has been keeping texting and call logs for millions of people who use android phone
Facebook confirmed that it has been keeping texting and call logs for millions of people who use Android phones to access Facebook Messenger — and users aren't happy about it via
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