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Kobe leads Lakers all-time in:
FG Missed
3-pt FG
3-pt FGA
EU27 wants UK as close friend & partner and will enter talks on future with open, positive mind. But given UK red lines only an FTA is possible. It will be the first FTA in history to loosen, not strengthen economic ties. Drifting apart is essence of .#Brexit
I welcome PM @theresa_may speech. Clarity about #UK leaving Single Market and Customs Union & recognition of trade-offs will inform gui#EUCOdelines re: future FTA.
Cavs leaders:
Pts - LeBron 22
Ast - LeBron 9
Reb - LeBron 11
Fouls - LeBron 3
TO - LeBron 2
Mins - LeBron 28
Flashback: @kobebryant drops 62 points in 3 quarters vs. @dallasmavs (32:53 Minutes, 18 of 31 FG/FGA; 4 of 10 from 3; 22 of 25 FT/FTA)
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Government's "secret" Brexit impact analyis summarised by @AlbertoNardelli All options bad, but staying in Single Market better than FTA; & FTA better than Hard Brexit. Deals with US etc small compensation. Just as independent economists said all along.
4. Freight Transport Association say EU will not reciprocate any UK unilateral non enforcement of border checks: “the EU is going to enforce the rules it has, it has to, thats the way it works,” says FTA’s Christopher Snelling
KD joined Penny Hardaway as the only players to shoot 50/40/90 for an entire #NBAFinals series (min. 50 FGA/20 3PA/ 20 FTA).
Derrick Rose last night: 33 FGA, 11 turnovers, 1 assist and 0 FTA. That's basically everything you don't want from your point guard.
Alarming that UK cabinet still hasn't grasped that Brexit bill is price of orderly exit, not payment for FTA.
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