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The truth that Democrats don’t want you to know, is that yes we CAN do both. We can help out American families & businesses & still be fiscally responsible. I’m going to fight each day to make sure FL’s taxpayers are protected & we don’t mortgage the next generation’s future.

For those who think FL’s coronavirus deaths have been inflated, they’re likely not. A USF analysis via @TB_Times  estimated an additional 1,358-1,831 people died from 03/22-4/25, an increase of 17%-58% from the 1,162 official death count Tweet 1 of 2

The Florida agricultural industry feeds millions of American families each year & is essential to our nation’s food security. @marcorubio  & I sent a letter to @SecretarySonny  raising our concerns that the CFAP must consider FL’s ag community’s needs.

Very balanced story about FL’s approach, despite the criticism nationally. Key points: Aggressive focus on nursing homes, fast testing rollout, state coordination with counties, and (despite Florida Man myths) a populace that made smart decisions.

@Morning_Joe ⁩ — FL has the most pathetic unemployment benefits in the country— giving families just $275 a week to survive! Adding salt to the wound—90% of FL’s unemployed are still waiting for checks to be cut.

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1) FL’s Heslth Dept says about 1,400 people statewide await results. But 2 small, private South Florida healthcare providers say they’re awaiting results for almost 800, which would increase the state’s official count of backlogged tests by more than 50%.

Is a loved one in a Florida nursing home where coronavirus has been detected? FL @RepDeSantis’s Administration won’t tell you

Many who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic now face tremendous hurdles to even apply for unemployment benefits. FL’s system has buckled under “unprecedented demand,” prompting hundreds to line up in close proximity for paper applications @BojorquezCBS  reports

Just look how well things are going under FL’s new system

NY’s gov is able to have press conferences with reporters that maintain social distancing. FL’s governor could do the same (for instance, the press conference could occur in the Cabinet Room of the Florida Cabinet, which has ample room)


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Why should low tax states be subsidizing high tax states because they can’t run an efficient government? It’s not fair to Florida. We have been able to turn FL’s economy around, pay down our debt and STILL cut taxes over 100 times! Watch more from my interview with @cvpayne  ⬇️

FL’s tourism industry is one of our most important economic drivers. We set a new record last year with over 126 MILLION visitors! FL has SO much to offer, from beaches to state parks to professional sports teams & outdoor adventures. ? if you agree FL is the best state in ?? !

It’s been over 5 months since Hurricane Michael devastated FL’s panhandle. Our communities are waiting for the help they deserve. Enough is enough, Chuck. It’s time to put differences aside & help Americans rebuild. ? if you agree should stop blocking this funding!

I feel like people are not making a big enough deal about Florida restoring voting rights to formerly incarcerated people. There are about 1.5M people (20% of FL’s Af-Am adult population)who stand to benefit from this. In 2016, Trump won Florida by just over 100,000 votes.

If you’re concerned with Trump calling the media “the enemy of the people,” you should be outraged at the assault on the press in FL’s 2nd largest (& most Democratic) county where the school board wants a judge to punish a newspaper for writing the truth about district failures

Thanks to the hard work of Florida’s law enforcement officers, FL’s crime rate is at a 47-year low.

FL’s unemployment rate has fallen to 3.3% – the lowest point in 12 years & nearly 1.7 million private-sector jobs have been created since Dec. 2010. I am proud of the success that FL has had over the past 8 years, allowing so many Floridians the opportunity to live their dreams.

Spoke with Gov. @ricardorossello  tonight. FL’s thoughts and prayers are with Puerto Rico as Hurricane Maria approaches.

I waived FL’s motor fuel import tax for 5 days to help bring more fuel to our state for storm response & recovery.