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Thread Today is June 1st Rent is due This week was supposed to be about re-opening across the country. Small businesses & restaurants finally breathing a sigh of tempered relief as all 50 states go through phases of re-opening.

2013 ❌ 2018 ❌ 2019 🏆 Jurgen Kloppfinally got his hands on Old Big Ears on his third attempt... It meant the world! 🙌

When some theme parks finally reopen in Japan, you're still allowed to enjoy thrill rides, just don't be audibly thrilled.🎢

Delhi has finally opened up in a true sense, but with a fresh political debate. Here's a report. #Unlock1  @sardesairajdeep ) Watch#NewsToday  live:

Mamadou Doucouré signed for Borussia Mönchengladbach in 2016. On Sunday, after multiple muscle tears and injuries had made him wait four years for his first appearance, he finally made his debut for the club. And Marcus Thuram helped make sure he would never forget it.

Finally deleted all my old, unused Instagram accounts. I do want to shoot more and see your photos, so if you're on Flickr, VSCO, or #PixelFed , let's be photo friends:

Protests erupting across the nation over the past week — and law enforcement's response to them — are threatening to upend efforts by health officials to track and contain the spread of coronavirus just as those efforts were finally getting underway.

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Finally, Critical Mass is TNR’s new home for all things arts and culture. Led by @RyuSpaeth  and @lmlauramarsh  , it’s where you’ll find the latest book, film, and television criticism by @Jo_Livingstone  , @Rumaan  , and others.

#UK #financestill  struggles with #genderpaygap  Virtual meetings have afforded women greater visibility during the #COVID19crisis , but little to nothing has happened. Will things finally start to change in the financial sector? #coronavirus 

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Law & Order in Philadelphia, NOW! They are looting stores. Call in our great National Guard like they FINALLY did (thank you President Trump) last night in Minneapolis. Is this what voters want with Sleepy Joe? All Dems!

This is the first time in human history @NASA_Astronauts  have entered the @Space_Station  from a commercially-made spacecraft. @AstroBehnken  and @Astro_Doug  have finally arrived to the orbiting laboratory in @SpaceX 's Dragon Endeavour spacecraft.

Watching President Obama’s graduation address tonight I think I finally understand Obamagate. It’s the scandal of having a president being able to speak with empathy, humor, insight, inspiration and in complete and coherent sentences.

Marijuana is legal and haircuts are against the law. It took half a century but Hippiesfinally won.

Finally, the reboot we’ve all been waiting for

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"SUGA's Interlude" & "Finally // beautiful stranger" are out now! ✨

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Finally ! 18 and no control in the set , we needed that extra few days rehearsal on them! It felt so good to play new choonesssss !

Finally we get to say this ! have waited a long time but our new single Drag Me Down is out !!!