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Today. America finally got to see the Udonis Haslem that Miami knows and reveres.

A picture paints a thousands words: After a long and difficult labour, rugby had finally arrived

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Ty humbled TY. 😌🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Posted withregram • super_tatt2 Finally finished my Mural of @_FernandoVargas  in Turlock with my brotha lord_rake_alb_bums_86 it was a fun lil trip..😎👍. #boxing  #fernandovargas  #boxinglegendlegend …

Job was done: Sakshi Dhonifinally opens up about her deleted tweet on #DhoniRetires  . . . #SakshiDhoni  #MSDhoni  #MSD  #Cricket  #TeamIndia  #IPL  #CSK  #IPLT20T20 

A bunch of crypto folks are playing poker for a good cause — COVID relief. I'm finally putting years of playing Facebook poker to use by hosting the final table around 10 p.m. ET, and you can follow along live at

"And with that, Endeavor, welcome to the International Space Station, please come aboard." @Astro_Doug  and @AstroBehnken  finally board the @Space_Station  after this weekend's historic @SpaceX  launch, the 1st American-manned mission since 2011

Newmarch House has finally been cleared of the coronavirus, the aged-care home has been at the centre of one of Australia's largest and deadliest COVID-19 clusters.

And finally, Foley Square. Blocks away from City Hall and the NYSE. #GeorgeFloyd 

the fires. that did it. Cities on fire finally killed the Rona Bro. Dr Fauci has got to be elated!


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This is the first time in human history @NASA_Astronauts  have entered the @Space_Station  from a commercially-made spacecraft. @AstroBehnken  and @Astro_Doug  have finally arrived to the orbiting laboratory in @SpaceX 's Dragon Endeavour spacecraft.

Law & Order in Philadelphia, NOW! They are looting stores. Call in our great National Guard like they FINALLY did (thank you President Trump) last night in Minneapolis. Is this what voters want with Sleepy Joe? All Dems!

Marijuana is legal and haircuts are against the law. It took half a century but Hippiesfinally won.

Watching President Obama’s graduation address tonight I think I finally understand Obamagate. It’s the scandal of having a president being able to speak with empathy, humor, insight, inspiration and in complete and coherent sentences.

Finally, the reboot we’ve all been waiting for

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"SUGA's Interlude" & "Finally // beautiful stranger" are out now! ✨

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Finally ! 18 and no control in the set , we needed that extra few days rehearsal on them! It felt so good to play new choonesssss !

Finally we get to say this ! have waited a long time but our new single Drag Me Down is out !!!