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As of today, this shutdown is the longest in history.

The costs are already high: People are missing paychecks, losing business, or working without pay. Our national parks are overrun with trash. The FDA and FBI warn of the harm to our food safety and national security.
"...six months before people were sickened by the contaminated romaine, President Donald Trump’s FDA – responding to pressure from the farm industry and Trump’s order to eliminate regulations – shelved the water-testing rules for at least four years."
JUST IN: FDA says routine food inspections stopped because of shutdown, raising health concerns
Please consider this a commitment that I will fund fixing the water in any house in Flint that has water contamination above FDA levels. No kidding.
TRUMP DECLARES HE’LL ‘NEVER BACK DOWN’ IN SHUTDOWN FIGHT..This was the headline in the news while I’m on call w/rural & urban workers from home who are working w/out pay in air traffic control, airport security, prisons & FDA. Their message? President & McConnell #EndTheShutdown
The FDA has put mushrooms with the psychedelic compound psilocybin on the fast track to be used for depression treatment
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BREAKING: Johnson & Johnson knew for decades about asbestos in baby powder talc supply, failed to tell the FDA - Reuters, citing documents
I am calling on the FDA to speed up and make public their final report on the prevalence of the weed-killing chemical, glyphosate, in many foods families regularly eat–cereals, granola bars, oats, snack bars, & more.

We need answers and we need them now.
Good news! As part of the funding bill Congress passed yesterday, the FDA must now ensure mammography reports include appropriate breast-density information. Dense tissue can hide cancer on mammograms, so this information is vital to catching breast cancer early.
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