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"Horowitz barely pressed the send button concluding that the FBI was justified in its investigation into suspected Russia interference in the Trump campaign and election before Barr was out contradicting it, just like he pre-butted Robert Mueller’s report"

Can’t imagine what FBI staff listening to Barr today thinks. Not sure how the FBI recovers from these continued attacks.

Woah. Watch out #FBI , #Comey  and everyone else! #Barr  has spoken. Says FBI may have acted in 'bad faith' in probing Trump campaign's links to Russia. MORE TONIGHT on #Trish  #FoxBusiness  8pmE

Asked whether he thought the bureau had unfairly targeted the Trump campaign, FBI Dir. Chris Wray offered a terse reply: "I do not." Read more from the director's interview with @PierreTABC :

AG William Barr went to bat for Trump in a wild interview where he baselessly claimed the FBI acted in 'bad faith' during the Russia probe

Trump fires back at Chris Wray after the FBIDirector sharply breaks with the president

Trump sharply criticizes 'current' FBI head after Russia probe report is upheld

The President takes off on the FBI director... and the Attorney General takes off on the Inspector General for his report about the Trump campaign and the FBI.

Trump sharply criticizes FBI head after Russia probe report.


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I don’t know what report current Director of the FBIChristopher Wray was reading, but it sure wasn’t the one given to me. With that kind of attitude, he will never be able to fix the FBI, which is badly broken despite having some of the greatest men & women working there!

Let me get this straight. Page and Strzok sent texts about an “insurance policy” and how they’ll “stop Trump” while part of the FBI spying on Trump campaign. Now Lisa Page is blaming the President. 1 week before Horowitz’s FISA report.

Sometimes before I leave the house I wave to my laptop camera just to brighten the day of the FBI agent. Friendliness is contagious you know.

“General Michael Flynn’s attorney is demanding that charges be immediately dropped after they found that FBIAgents manipulated records against him. They say that James Clapper told a reporter to “take a kill shot at Flynn. This has been a complete setup of Michael Flynn....

Here’s what Mueller said: ➡️ Russia interfered in our election to help Trump. ➡️ Russians made numerous contacts with the campaign. ➡️ Campaign welcomed their help. ➡️ No one reported these contacts or interference to FBI. ➡️ They lied to cover it up.

“Former FBI Employee Accused of Altering FISA Documents.” Hello, here we go! @foxandfriends 

Jeff Sessions was asked why the FBI investigates ‘Black extremists’ but not the KKK. It did not go well for him.

The media is spending more time doing a forensic analysis of Melania's speech than the FBI spent on Hillary's emails.

If you believe you are a victim of Jeffrey Epstein, or have information about the conduct alleged in the Indictment unsealed today, please call 1-800-CALL FBI

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Dr. Ford has passed a polygraph test and given the Committee the results. Judge Kavanaugh has not. She has called for outside witnesses to testify. Judge Kavanaugh has not. She called for an FBI investigation. Judge Kavanaugh has not.