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Today, it was my great honor to meet with the Crown Prince of Bahrain at the @WhiteHouse. Bahrain and the United States are important partners.

During the Crown Prince’s visit, he is advancing $9 BILLION in commercial deals, including finalizing the purchase of F-16’s...
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Lt. Heather Penney's mission on 9/11 was to bring down Flight 93. Her F-16 didn't have any ammunition.
Her Mission was to Take Down Flight 93 on September 11th. Her F-16 Didn’t Have Any Ammunition
Two Palestinian terrorists armed with machete's commit hideous crime. Yet, no news of F-16's bombing innocent women and children in Gaza!
F-16 fighter pilot passes out, goes into free fall -- and is saved by his own jet
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5 months
A plane carrying the Russian defense minister was buzzed by a NATO F-16 fighter jet as it flew over the Baltic Sea
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Closely monitoring F-16 crash in #Arizona as search and rescue efforts continue
Video shows Air Force pilot parachuting down after ejecting from F-16 before it crashed in Maryland.
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