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Breaking: A judge granted a request for a temporary restraining order to prevent the implementation of the suspension for Ezekiel Elliott.
Breaking: Ezekiel Elliott will be suspended 6 games, per @AdamSchefter
Cowboys' RB Ezekiel Elliott is being suspended 6 games, per source.
BREAKING: Ezekiel Elliott's suspension reduced to 5 games after the Broncos basically suspended him for a game already
Breaking: Ezekiel Elliott 6-game suspension has been upheld, per @mortreport
Asked meaning of judge ruling that Ezekiel Elliott "did not receive a fundamentally fair hearing", source texted, "Zeke plays all year."
Ezekiel Elliott told Dirk that he runs like a baby giraffe 😂
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Breaking: Ezekiel Elliott files lawsuit against NFL to block his suspension, per @AdamSchefter
Ezekiel Elliott lands 2nd legal win as Texas Court denies NFL’s motion, can continue to play until next court ruling
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