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Jeff Sessions was asked why the FBI investigates ‘Black extremists’ but not the KKK. It did not go well for him.
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Of 85 deadly US terror attacks since 9/11, far-right-wing extremists were responsible for 62, Islamic extremists 23.
Good morning, Mr President @realDonaldTrump - what the hell are you doing retweeting a bunch of unverified videos by Britain First, a bunch of disgustingly racist far-right extremists?
Please STOP this madness & undo your retweets.
Rouhani with veiled attack on Trump: “we are witnessing rulers in the world who think they can secure their interests better... and gain popular support through the fomenting of extremists, nationalism and racism and through xenophobic tendencies resembling a Nazi disposition"
This IS your party. And it's a culmination of years of the GOP exploiting racism and playing to extremists. Trump is not your problem. Your base is the problem. And your pleas for decency & common sense are not enough to change this.
It is deeply troubling that when talking about threats to our nation, Secretary Nielsen failed to mention a report that talks about some of the most rampant terror attacks that face our nation — domestic acts of terror, including white supremacist extremists.
Every single judge on @realDonaldTrump’s short list for the Supreme Court has been pre-approved by right-wing extremists. They've shown their willingness to side with the wealthy & powerful over the rights of women, workers, voters, & minorities. But we're ready to fight back.
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The broken Tories are now dependent on an anti-gay, anti-women's rights party linked to Northern Irish extremists. Just sickening.
.@realDonaldTrump’s short list of Supreme Court nominees was hand-picked by right-wing extremists who want to criminalize abortions and punish women who have them. Roe v. Wade. That’s #WhatsAtStake here.
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Good morning, America. Your government is controlled by gun extremists who won't take any steps to prevent children from being gunned down in schools.
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