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NUST: ‘We find it incredibly disturbing that the club continues to take payments from supporters during these extremely difficult times’

An extremely disturbing story with no clear answer: why does #Covid19  sometimes kill otherwise healthy people in the prime of their lives?

North Korea Hasn’t Reported Any Cases Of The Coronavirus. The Truth Could Be Extremely Disturbing. via @BuzzFeedNews 

North Korea Hasn’t Reported Any Cases Of The Coronavirus. The Truth Could Be Extremely Disturbing. via @BuzzFeedNews 

This is extremely disturbing. Bracket of best CFB uniforms. 🤢🤮 (Via @jgpvisuals )

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Chicago Police and Cook County prosecutors dropped charges against a man shot, tased & maced by officers at a Red Line station Friday after allegedly moving between two train cars illegally in an incident Mayor Lori Lightfoot called "extremely disturbing."

Chicago mayor: Police shooting video 'extremely disturbing'

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The police chief called the shooting "extremely disturbing." INCLUDES VIDEO

*The following video may be extremely disturbing to some viewer discretion is advised - One of our own What a big filthy 🤡 While she’s with her child Smh this is why I stayyyy strapped with something the…


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—>>GOP @RepRooney  tells me: - News on Giuliani efforts in Ukraine is “extremely disturbing” - Senate GOP should “definitely” accept Dem request for Bolton, Mulvaney et al to testify - And states: “NO INTEL PEOPLE..HAVE CORROBORATED ANY UKRAINE INFLUENCE IN THE 2016 CAMPAIGN.”

Have witnessed some extremely disturbing scenes in La Paz today. Six corpses in church. Several with apparent bullet wounds to head. Locals accuse army of a massacre designed to quell opposition to interim government.

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Speaking as a citizen, it’s extremely disturbing to see the president encourage antipathy towards, and fear of #Refugees  at his rally. I know that most people in Minnesota are proud and supportive of America’s leadership in helping the 70 million displaced people in the world.

This extremely dexterous robot can solve a Rubik's cube one-handed, and it's a little bit disturbing ?to watch. Read the full story of how artificial intelligence can achieve this on @newscientist  (? ) @OpenAI 

UPDATE: Top Democrats at the deposition of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council, said his testimony Tuesday was “extremely disturbing” and praised him for appearing despite attacks from the White House.

Lila Rose slams social media for censoring pro-lifers: "Their actions have gone above and beyond censorship and are extremely disturbing not just for pro-life Americans, but also for every American’s right to free speech."

I would like to apologise. We had the Imam from the BBC Tory leadership debate on our programme this morning. His social media comments have been extremely disturbing. We should have checked. We didn’t. I’m sorry.

The extent of these misstatements is extremely disturbing, and this is what we’ve found in only the small portion of his record Republicans have released. Given what we’ve heard this week, they should immediately release the rest of his White House records.

Anti-Defamation League issues statement calling Trump’s tweet about the killing of white South African farmers “extremely disturbing,” saying it echoes “a longstanding & false white supremacist claim”

Extremely disturbing: Cyber command chief confirms that has not directed any action to address looming Russian threat to 2018 elections. RT if you agree: we need a watchdog for America, not a lapdog for Putin.