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What would you do with an extra hour. Spend time with family? Well that's a possibility thanks to Highway 407 ETR. Instead of hating on it, we should celebrate it. Peter Shawn Taylor:

Keynes thought we’d be working a 15 hour week. We could easily do so if we were content with his standard of living. But we want things he didn’t have, like central heating, laptops, foreign holidays and extra life expectancy.

Only 5 percent of taxpayers earning above $5 million are audited — even though IRS data demonstrates that an extra auditor-hour spent on their returns raises almost $5,000 on average.

Into the last hour of play at the Cobham Oval. New Zealand A have reached 300. Commentary continues on 5 Live Sports Extra. #BBCCricket 

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Sonia Kruger got a cake, champagne and even a balloon drop during her epic two hour goodbye from Today Extra. The contrast was unmissable 😞

We've been extended! 🙌 From January, GMB will be on until 9am. Are you looking forward to an extra half hour with @piersmorgan  and @susannareid100 ?

Great news just announced that @GMB  in 2020 will have an extra half hour, running from 6-9am each morning! @lorraine  will be from 9-10am, @thismorning  will have an extra half hour from 10-12.30pm, then @loosewomen  from 12.30-1.30pm. It means @ITV  will be live all morning! 👊

Did you see this jaw dropping moment on #LiveRescue ?! Don't miss a minute of the action, Live Rescue is on for an extra hour on Monday starting at 9PM! 🚨

Seattle Seahawks just got an extra 7 hours, 20 minutes to prepare for #Vikings  for their Dec. 2 home game. Seattle's game at Philly Nov. 24 was flexed from 7:20 p.m. to noon. Seahawks will get home from Philly at a more reasonable hour. The Vikings have a bye before that game.

The apex court heard the case regularly for 40 days and in the last 11 days one extra hour was given for parties to complete their arguments. #AyodhyaVerdict 


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An extra hour is the last thing I need right now

just a reminder that both parts are: an hour and 45 min each. made by 2 guys. uploaded for free. and i probably won’t post for another couple months so i’m more than happy to take extra time to make it great. the amount rude tweets i’m getting is insane. 😳

Don't forget to set clocks back so we get an extra hour of laying in bed, staring at the ceiling and wondering how everything turned to shit

welcome to dencon. on your birthday you get an extra hour in the pit.

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i get 1 hour for lunch everyday. @scooterbraun  gets an extra 15

Remember when Trump promised that his tax giveaway to the rich would put an extra $4,000 into the pockets of middle-class families? The reality: bonuses for average workers are up by just two cents an hour since Trump’s tax plan was signed into law. Two cents.

It's a scandal that real wages are still lower today than they were 10 years ago. Workers deserve a minimum wage of £10 per hour. This would provide an extra £2,600 per year to six million people.

Like we’re not all just going to be on our phones for this extra hour

guy who invented daylight savings time: and then in the fall you get an extra hour to sleep! us: wow yeah that sounds great him: [under his breath] and in exchange you get months of darknesss and sadness us: wait what? him: what?

Need some extra cash? The Bills need help shoveling their stadium for $10/hour & game tickets. (via @buffalobills )

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