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When an ISIS terrorist can take a large bucket of explosives onto the London underground, it's time to ask @SadiqKhan tough questions.
19 guns found in home w/ explosives & "electronic devices" -16 guns in hotel room -thousands of rounds of ammo -ammonium nitrate in car (used for explosives) -& swat team going to northern NV home. This guy appeared to be planning for a long time
.@piersmorgan Would you like a couple of hours to mock up some pictures of refugees carrying explosives to substantiate your position?
BREAKING: Federal prosecutors: Man arrested after attempting to plant explosives at Confederate statue in Houston park.
Man with weapons, possible explosives arrested, said he was going to L.A. gay pride parade
BBC now says at 230+ dead & 300+ wounded. Somebody loaded a truck w/explosives, drove it to a crowded area & set it off. I just can’t grasp.
Sheriff says 59 dead, 527 injured in Las Vegas shooting; guns, ammunition, explosives found at shooter's home.
A neo-Nazi with explosives and a framed photo of Timothy McVeigh is not a threat, judge rules
Police found 18 more guns, explosives and several thousand rounds of ammo in killer's home
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