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Where besides Hollywood do we see a ruthless culture of sexual exploitation? If you guessed @NFL you would be absolutely right #BoycottNFL
If we were really to see one another as brothers and sisters, there would be no basis for division, cheating and exploitation among us.
The Lord is close to all those who are victims of old and new forms of slavery: inhuman labour, illegal trafficking and exploitation.
"We're socialists...enemies of today's capitalist system of exploitation & we're determined to destroy it"--Bernie, 2017? No, Hitler, 1927
Please do not exploit Puerto Rico's suffering for promos. Thank you @facebook for supporting relief efforts-doesn't make the exploitation ok
The United States has a decision to make: do we continue the exploitation of Native Americans or do we treat them with dignity and respect?
Once you have a genuine sense of concern for others, there’s no room for cheating, bullying or exploitation.
Being born a girl significantly increases the risk of sexual violence and exploitation. #WorldDayAgainstTrafficking
Their tactics included physical violence, economic threats, and psychological intimidation, as well as sexual exploitation #APeoplesJourney.
Betsy DeVos rolled back student loan protections because exploitation is apparently what makes America great
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