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"We're socialists...enemies of today's capitalist system of exploitation & we're determined to destroy it"--Bernie, 2017? No, Hitler, 1927
If we were really to see one another as brothers and sisters, there would be no basis for division, cheating and exploitation among us.
Being born a girl significantly increases the risk of sexual violence and exploitation. #WorldDayAgainstTrafficking
The United States has a decision to make: do we continue the exploitation of Native Americans or do we treat them with dignity and respect?
Once you have a genuine sense of concern for others, there’s no room for cheating, bullying or exploitation.
Betsy DeVos rolled back student loan protections because exploitation is apparently what makes America great
When we develop care and concern by thinking of others not as ‘them’ but ‘us’, there is no room for bullying, exploitation or deceit.
Unscrupulous exploitation harms young girls and boys who are trafficked and enslaved. May God bless all those who set them free. @M_RSection
Linksys issues security advisory following discovery of CIA exploitation

Today on #AMJoy we'll talk #BollingGate (the scoop uncovered by @yashar), Trump's losing season & the Fox-Sputnik exploitation of Seth Rich.
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