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Separating children from their families leaves them more vulnerable to exploitation & abuse. Regardless of immigration status, children are children first. They must be protected. More via ⬇️
Rudy Giuliani doesn’t respect a woman who’d “sell her body for sexual exploitation.”

Is that what his press secretary was doing when he was having an affair with her and paying her?

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Those who protect children are on God’s side and triumph over those who oppress them. Let us free every child from every form of exploitation.
This Christmas 30,000 children in Haiti are living in orphanages, exposed to exploitation & abuse. 's c@jk_rowlingharity is @lumosworking hard to return these children to their families. In the spirit of giving, help them make it home by donating
Please, let us fight together against the crime of human exploitation, which continues to cause unspeakable suffering.
If we were really to see one another as brothers and sisters, there would be no basis for division, cheating and exploitation among us.
In Logan’s defense I mean who of us hasn’t used a taser on dead animals, bragged about the 1 million new subs we gained during our suicide exploitation scandal, and made a video asking people about the suicide video so we could use our suicide video tags on a monetized video?
The Lord is close to all those who are victims of old and new forms of slavery: inhuman labour, illegal trafficking and exploitation.
David Hogg had the audacity to express his desire not to see classmates killed by a crazed gunman. And, for that, he’s been subjected to the worst elements of society and its exploitation of social media. It’s maddening and it’s a fucking shame.
"We're socialists...enemies of today's capitalist system of exploitation & we're determined to destroy it"--Bernie, 2017? No, Hitler, 1927
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