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A partial lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus was announced by President Uhuru today. @DrMercyKorir  paints for us a picture of what to expect in such a lockdown #KTNPRIME 

With half of the world's population in shutdown to try and slow the spread of coronavirus, many elements of normal daily life are changing - and not always in the ways we'd expect.

"Trump grew concerned as #COVID19  spread to Trump country. The polling sucked. The campaign panicked about the numbers in red states. They don’t expect to win states that are getting blown to pieces with coronavirus.”

Trump grew more concerned as coronavirus spread to red states. “The campaign panicked about the numbers," an ex-West Wing official tells @gabrielsherman . "They don’t expect to win states that are getting blown to pieces with coronavirus."

As COVID-19 continues to spread, focus has now shifted to antiviral medication. How do they work? When can we expect results? And, can this medication be expected to beat Coronavirus? Find out all the info and cellular biology in our new video:

Canadians hunkered down in their homes should expect the strict public health measures to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus to last until the summer.

Thai rice exporters expect to increase sales as the spread of coronavirus sparks global food security concerns and major competitors face export bans or go into lockdown to battle the outbreak. #BangkokPost  #Business  #rice 

We are all in this together. I expect all Utahns to do this part to slow the spread of coronavirus. This means staying home whenever possible.

Customers of California’s DMV can expect some changes in the coming weeks amid the continued spread of the coronavirus and those looking to upgrade their driver’s license to comply with the new REAL ID standards have more time to meet the deadline.

The coronavirus crisis will leave few firms untouched in the coming few months, with a special ABS survey revealing nine in ten businesses expect to feel the impact from the pandemic and measures taken to control its spread.


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Top NIH official Dr. Anthony Fauci tells @GMA  the coronavirus spread will "get worse before it gets better." "We must be much more serious as a country about what we might expect. A couple of cases today are going to be many cases tomorrow.”

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California has put out a new policy ending mass gatherings of 250+ people to slow the spread of coronavirus. We’ve been working with companies like Disney to meet it. @Disney  has agreed to shut down their CA parks. Expect more to come...

Victorians have been warned to expect extreme measures as the government grapples with the spread of coronavirus. The Premier says closing all schools, cancelling major events and ordering people to work from home is now inevitable. @Brett_McLeod  #9News 

Dr. Fauci: Coronavirus spread will get worse in the US before it gets better; expect uptick in testing in the coming weeks.

Community spread of #COVID19  is occurring in parts of the US, including Washington, Oregon and California. We expect to identify more cases of coronavirus disease 2019. .

Breaking: Federal health authorities said they now expect a wider spread of the new coronavirus in the U.S. and are preparing for a potential pandemic

CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta answers viewers' questions on the coronavirus as the CDC says they expect to see the novel coronavirus spread in the United States.

American health authorities said they ultimately expect the novel coronavirus to spread in the United States and are urging local governments, businesses, and schools to develop plans like canceling mass gatherings or switching to teleworking

Federal health authorities said today they now expect a wider spread of coronavirus in the U.S. “It’s more of a question of when.” Trump in India today on coronavirus: “I think that's a problem that's going to go away.”

"We expect we will see community spread in this country," one of the CDC's top officials said of coronavirus. "It's not so much a question of if this will happen anymore, but rather more a question of exactly when" and how many will have severe illness.