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"If the President has a good case to be made, it hasn't been made in the House, and I would expect that we should give him an opportunity to make his best case in the Senate." Sen. Chris Coons says he'd like to hear from Trump in a likely impeachment trial in the Senate.

Expect road closures between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. while construction is going on between Baldwin Road and 23rd Street.

A potential seismic moment in North Belfast where Nigel Dodds future as an MP too close to call. Expect results shortly

“We just know what to expect from each other. We’re all kinda thinking straight ahead - nothing too cute” @13KCliffy  on playing on The Dad Line with @JeffCarter_77  and @trevorlewis22  @CarrlynBathe  | @LAKings  | #LAKingsLive 

Expect many different travel trends to pop up in 2020

Here’s what to expect from Friday’s weather forecast

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I fully expectMenell to score at this rate. And all poor Drewgie wants is a Suter goal. He has successfully made the jumbotron the same amount of Oilers goals. #MNWild 

Fulton Co. (College Park/ATL) traffic pacing for all lanes of I-285/nb (Inner Loop) between Washington Rd. (Exit 1) to road work zone at Camp Creek Pkwy. (Exit 2). Expect short-term delays. #ATLTraffic 

Atlanta: Crash on Candler Road entrance ramp to I-20. Expect lane restrictions; APD/FD enroute. #ATLTraffic 


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We won’t bring about peace in the world merely by praying for it; we have to take steps to tackle the violence and corruption that disrupt peace. We can’t expect change if we don’t take action.

Devin Nunes calling the Intelligence Committee’s fact-finding mission a cult is dispicable. I know about cults. Cults are led by maniacal narcissists who expect complete adoration and relinquishment of independent thought. I suggest Mr. Nunes look elsewhere.

“’Boy With Luv’ is a very different style from what we’ve done before. It’s more energetic and bright, so I think fans can expect a new experience" #TIME100 

Wouldn't expect anything less from the best fans in the world , xx

i got so much stuff coming for all of you. so much music. so many surprises. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. I love you. #mybeliebers 

So glad everything has been cleared up today and ur support with it is amazing not that we could ever expect anything less your amazing

Wowwww ! The reaction to drag me down worldwide has been insane , didn't expect this ! Thank you all so much

Looking forward to what is coming. Art is everywhere. Expect the unexpected

Grin and bare with this guy.No one knows what to expect ,everyone's nervous but I'm sure the American people will have more sense in 4 years