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This digital art exhibit changes based on the visitor's mood

The ‘Abortion Is Normal’ art exhibit brings together 60+ artists to normalize conversations about and rid the ‘fear, shame, and stigma’ surrounding abortion. Learn more: @PforEmptySpace 

Even after the Holocaust, when its catastrophic results could not have been clearer, antisemitism continues. It takes new forms, but it is the same old hatred. We can never lower our guard @antonioguterres  at exhibit to mark 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

CNN legal analyst lamely tries to claim Ken Starr will be a "walking talking exhibit" for Adam Schiff and the Lib Managers.

On average, girls on the autism spectrum are diagnosed 1.5 years later than boys. Over 50% of those on the autism spectrum exhibit co-occurring mental health and medical conditions, such as ADHD and epilepsy.

At a time when both the existence of monuments to the dead — and the idea of refuge for the living — are politically controversial, a new public art exhibit in Manhattan is tackling both.

This iconic coffee stall in London's trendy Shoreditch neighborhood is shutting down following 100 years in business after struggling to stay afloat. The stall will soon become an exhibit at the @MuseumofLondon 

A Marvel exhibit like no other is coming to Dearborn's Henry Ford Museum

Well, @RepAdamSchiff  just put up an exhibit saying “Waiting for Courts Is Irresponsible When Threat Is Imminent” and the civil libertarian in me is really not happy. Think the Dems have to work on that one.

Sometimes when we use the term “where the wild things are” we are looking for @WilsonsWorld . But this morning, we know where he was and when we are talking Where the Wild Things Are it is about the book and the exhibit at Gaston Country Library. #wccb 


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We have removed the current display and will replace it as soon as possible with one that uses the unaltered image. We apologize, and will immediately start a thorough review of our exhibit policies and procedures so that this does not happen again.

A Chicago art exhibit lined with replicas of AR-15 rifles is structured to make it look as though getting a weapon is as easy as renting a bike

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Trump stopped at an "exhibit that discussed the role of the Dutch in the slave trade... I felt that maybe he was paying attention to the work of the museum... As he turned from the display he said to me, ‘You know, they love me in the Netherlands.’"

Which floor has the exhibit about the Comey Cabal spying on the Trump campaign?

Here's the Jared Kushner email to Manafort saying "On it!" in response to Manafort recommending for Army Secretary a bank exec who just approved $16m in loans to him. It's exhibit#502 .

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opportunity: two of your housemates take a trip battle plan: rest of house bands together to convert their bedroom into an error-filled anthropological exhibit from the future

If the Special Counsel finds that President Trump has obstructed justice, the firing of James Comey will be Exhibit A. Exhibit B would be any action against Rod Rosenstein. Show some devotion to country, Republican colleagues. Avert a constitutional crisis and say something.

Lawless. He is absolutely lawless. is the subject of an investigation. Using his power to selectively release classified information is an abuse of power. His days of unchecked abuse are numbered. Tick tock. We will just mark this as another exhibit.