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'Flicker' is finally out ! Watch the exclusive film that’s all about the making of the album on @AppleMusic​
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Here ’s a clip of the exclusive film coming to @AppleMusic​ alongside the album tomorrow !
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Watch @NiallOfficial's exclusive documentary #Flicker and listen to the album now.
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Get ready.
@NiallOfficial's exclusive film #Flicker is coming 10/20. Only on Apple Music.
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Get ready!
Only a couple more hours until @NiallOfficial's exclusive film #Flicker is here.
Just listening to the album on my way home so thought you deserved a little exclusive 😎
RT for a chance to win exclusive #ShadowOfWar [M] #Xbox prizes. NoPurchNec. Ends 10/12/17. #XboxSweepstakesSweepsta Rules:
The countdown is on.
Watch @NiallOfficial's exclusive short film, #Flicker.
10/20, only on Apple Music.
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8.30 SUNDAY on #60Mins | One-on-one with @NiallOfficial! On life, love & an EXCLUSIVE glimpse behind the scenes of his new direction.
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The @Target exclusive of 'Flicker ' has two extra songs & a poster for ya
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