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A 13-year old boy in Florida was once arrested for excessive farting in school.

Clinomania is the excessive desire to lay in bed all day.

#Iraq peaceful protesters “should be protected at all times” UN envoy said denouncing “pattern of the use of excessive force, with ambiguously identified armed groups and unclear loyalties” as a “grave security concern that must be tackled urgently”

Amnesty has documented a clear pattern of use of excessive force, arrests, and bias in the Modi government. The prime minister’s “silence on police brutality and crackdown has spoken louder than his words,” said @Bencosmef .

We can protect American farmers without putting taxpayers on the hook for excessive profits to special interests from the agriculture industry. My bipartisan bill with @SenToomey  will save nearly $35 billion by enacting common-sense reforms to @USDA’s crop insurance program.

IMF and FSB Warn of Excessive U.S. Corporate Risk Taking and Deteriorating Leveraged Loan Quality -

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None of the pedlars is excessive melanin syndrome theory - including the black ones - seem even slightly interested in asking why this should be so...

Since the Yellow Vest protests began in November 2018, some protestors have been seriously injured in violent clashes with the police. The excessive use of force by a minority of police officers is now being independently investigated

Under fire for her excessive salary and her agency’s failure to turn over documents to the inspector general, Tiffany Carr resigned in November, citing poor health. But she didn’t really leave.

In Lebanon, journalists and activists who cover protests face threats "Media professionals have raised their voices against the use of excessive force against journalists."

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Senator Mitch McConnell said I had "excessive expectations," but I don't think so. After 7 years of hearing Repeal & Replace, why not done?

Yes, excessive automation at Tesla was a mistake. To be precise, my mistake. Humans are underrated.

excessive living weighs down the imagination

#HongKong police’s excessive force against protesters leaves 51 people hospitalized & 2 in critical condition. Police shot one teenager with a live round. As Hong Kong continues to violate the basic rights of its citizens the U.S. & the world are watching

Spain: Police Used Excessive Force in Catalonia

Isn’t this the most stunning picture?! A lioness and her cub were crossing the savannah; the heat was excessive and the cub was in great difficulty. An elephant realized that the lion cub would die and carried him in his trunk to a pool of water, walking beside his mother. ?

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MY PRO-GROWTH Econ Plan: ✅Eliminate excessive regulations! ✅Lean government! ✅Lower taxes! #Debates   #BigLeagueTruth 

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Spanish police engaged in excessive force when confronting demonstrators in Catalonia during a disputed referendum on Catalonia’s independence in October - one of 's most viewed videos in 2017

Obama claiming this economy may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Anyone with a brain knows his policies of over regulation, excessive taxation, and general hatred of business killed growth for his entire 8 years. There’s not a single stat where we aren’t better off today.

DanAndPhilGAMES? more like DanAndPhilDANCING! Dan vs. Phil: Dance Evolution?‍♂️? warning: contains excessive dabbing